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If You Want Maximum Results In Minimum Time, You're Going To Have To Work Out (And Workout Hard, At That)

January 17, 2019 by Sayan


The simple strategies I've outlined so far (diet and some walking) will help make a significant change in your body weight, and you can definitely lose 10-20 pounds in the first month alone depending on your body size.

Add in structured workouts to this (like the workouts listed in the "6 Weeks to Lean" guide), and you lose even more weight and look even more amazing.

You see, besides having adequate protein intake on a diet, the only equally important (or even, more important) factor for body composition is the amount of training.

And just about all of us want optimal body composition.

We want to strip off fat, and leave a lean, toned physique in its place.

We want to a chiseled body that turns heads even with a shirt on.

We want to be bursting with confidence, happiness, and even an "odd" sense of power, knowing that we've transformed our body in a manner that 95% of the population is unable to do.
And to do this fast, we have to introduce a stimulus that demolished pesky fat, while forcing our muscles to grow strong and lean.

The hands-down, best way to do this is to resistance train for 45 minutes or so, 3x per week, with a mix of weights and bodyweight.

We want to be intense in these workouts, so our body gets that "kick in the pants" to get that burn off fat and build muscle.

And when this is combined with a steady diet, daily herbs, and toxin reduction, you will notice a never-before-seen level of fat loss and body re-composition.

I recommend anyone new to working out starts with bodyweight circuits for the 1st month, a mix of bodyweight and free weights (dumbbells, barbells, kettle-bells) for the 2nd month, and all free weights for the 3rd month.

(All workouts are provided in the accompanying workout guide).

This will help build lean, toned muscle and strength (and to maintain bone density), while letting the body acclimate to the training load (and thereby avoiding injuries).

Moving on after Month 3, I find that an upper/lower body split is best. This sort of "split" basically means we will do all upper body work one day, and lower body work another day. At this point in our progress, we'll be used to training and we can safely step it up to 4x per week of workouts, on a reduced-calorie diet, without compromising recovery.

For maximum results, do NOT do most of the "magazine workouts" you see in the store or online. These are very-advanced 5-day body-part split routines, in which you do 20 sets a day for your chest or back or quads, etc. They are very often written by steroid-using bodybuilders and it's simply stupid for anyone who's not on drugs to try these workouts and expect to not over-train. Also, these workouts are very often based on isolation exercises, which use only 1 primary muscle/joint.

On the other hand, when we use compound movements, we use several muscle groups at once and use 2 or more joints. In doing so, we have a much higher calorie burn, which means shorter workouts, lower insulin resistance, and quicker and easier fat loss.

The best compound movements for maximum fat loss in minimum time are squats, lunges, chin-ups/ pull-ups, dead-lifts, rows, shoulder/military presses, and chest presses.

The only caveat here is some of these exercises take some dedicated practice to do correctly.
Most people doing these in the gym (seriously about 90% or so) do them incorrectly and can get injured as a result. This is why the warm-ups I've written out for you in the workout guide are crucial to make sure your muscle and central nervous system are ready for the oncoming load, and that they won't fail or get injured under pressure.

Before we continue, I have an important note for women:

I promise, you will not get super bulky and "huge" lifting weights.

You can only get "huge" by eating at a daily calorie surplus, lifting consistently for years, and often using steroids or performance-enhancing drugs (like many pro bodybuilders and even cover models do). But since you'll be in a calorie deficit, weights will actually make the difference by maintaining chiseled muscle, stripping off fat fast, enhancing your curves, and revealing a sexy, trim physique.

Now back to our scheduled programming.

Fast fat loss comes...by staying mostly within 6-12 repetitions per set of weight workouts. This is where you will have optimal muscle hypertrophy (growth) while also stimulating fat loss. By doing these via "circuit training" as outlined in the workout guide, you'll put an extra level of fat-burning stimulus on the body (and you will see crazy results.)

As for other rep ranges:
  • The 3-6 rep range is OK occasionally, but it is more on the power/strength training side. This is good for reverse pyramid training, and other techniques, but is not required.
  • Above 12 reps does not automatically get you "cut" or "lean". That is B.S. magazine advice that simply does not give your muscle enough stimuli to grow strong and stay lean. And if the stimulus on your muscles isn't great enough on a diet, where do you think the body will go first for energy?
- The only time high reps are OK is during a temporary month or so when you're looking for an added "pump". This pump can definitely be helpful for muscle growth, assuming that the months surrounding this high-rep phase has workouts done under 12 reps.
      • In the 6 Weeks to Lean Guide, the optional month-by-month program has Month 3, 6, and 9 as high-rep, pump months. All surrounding months, though, are in lower ranges.
- Otherwise, if you go above 12 reps month after month after month...
      • You will steadily be using lower weights to accommodate high reps.
      • Very low weights mean low "load" on the muscles.
      • Low load means the body realizes the muscles aren't being used a lot, and see no reason to hold onto them (especially when the body is already low on energy due to a reduced-calorie diet)

If you'd like, keep up cardio as a replacement for some weight days, but not all (so you maintain lean muscle).

When I do cardio, I'll either do it on off days for 20-30 minutes or do it for 15-20 minutes after a weight training workout. I also recommend walking 20-30 minutes a day, on off-days.

DO NOT DO THIS: Cardio at moderate to high intensity for more than 45-60 minutes. This is one of the main causes of cortisol output (the "stress hormone"). This catabolic hormone, as we've discussed in previous chapters, is disastrous to our muscle and actually can cause fat to be stored, particularly around the midsection.

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Moving forward, there are several other articles/topics I'll share so you can lose weight even faster and feel great doing it.

Below is a list of these topics and you can use this Table of Contents to jump to the part that interests you the most.

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