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Why Red Meat May Be Good For You And Eggs Won't Kill You

February 22, 2019 by Sayan


Have you ever been told that red meat causes heart disease?

Or that eggs are high in cholesterol and clog your arteries?

Or the plethora of other "research" around red meat and eggs?

Well, I've heard it all too. And I believed it for the majority of my life.

Until I discovered some very interesting research which finally smacked some sense into me.

Basically I stumbled upon numerous studies that have shown that fat and cholesterol
do NOT cause heart disease. At all.

I referenced some of these earlier in this book. There was the study that followed over 50,000 people for 14 years, which showed zero correlation between saturated fat intake and heart disease. (This study also showed that higher saturated fat intake correlated with lower risk of stroke.)

And also the cholesterol-feeding study which found little correlation between dietary cholesterol (found in eggs, etc.) to blood cholesterol (i.e. HDL/LDL).

And a few other, well controlled, studies which left no room for error or false correlation.
Pretty interesting stuff, I must say.

It literally forced me to re-learn everything I had been told over the years. And I'm glad that it did. Because by re-learning everything, and trying a whole new method of eating, I started losing weight easier and faster than ever before.

Not to mention that my blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels improved at my yearly checkup (to the extent that my doctor said, with shock and awe on his face, "This is amazing! What have you been doing differently this year??")

Let's get to the nitty gritty.

Did you know that 50% of our cell membranes are made up of saturated fat?

On top of that, did you know that saturated fats contain tremendous amount of essential fatsoluble vitamins (A, D, K2 and more) that we need for optimal health? (And no, getting these in synthetic vitamin form, which our body won't properly absorb, does not cut it.)

And...this one may be a shocker, but, did you know that cholesterol is found in our arteries because it's there to SAVE us not destroy us?

This one literally blew my mind.

You see, most "experts" don't realize this, but one of cholesterol's main jobs is to help the body's cells rebuild and repair.

Specifically, it is sent out to patch up very fine cuts in your arterial walls that are caused by chronic inflammation. This low-level, yet system-wide inflammation is now recognized as the leading cause of major diseases.

Without cholesterol there to do its job (which is especially the case when people cut out all fats and use cholesterol-lowering statins, with no past history or heart disease), this inflammation goes unchecked and the body is significantly more prone to disease.

The first step to reverse this problem is to understand the root of chronic inflammation.
Essentially, it's a condition that is caused by a myriad of factors, which are all related to our lifestyle habits.

One of the main causes is a toxic diet, that is full of:
  • High sugar
  • High intake of chemically-laden processed foods
  • High intake of industrial/seed oils (i.e. fats that are not naturally occurring...more on this later)
  • High gluten and wheat intake (for those who are intolerant)
  • High intake of commercially-raised feedlot meat.
  • Insufficient Omega 3 intake (which decreases production of anti-inflammatory compounds, called eicosanoids)
  • Excessive Omega 6 intake (which increases production of pro-inflammatory eicosanoids)
Chronic inflammation is also caused by:
  • Lack of exercise (this also leads to increased insulin resistance, which means more fat gain)
  • Lack of sleep (this ramps up cortisol production...hello belly fat)
  • Too much stress/no "quiet time" (leads to more cortisol production, and more belly fat)
  • Poor gut health (your gut is the central point for your immune system, with the vagus nerve directly linking the stomach to the brain. If it's inflamed, you will simply NOT have a well-nourished body and healthy mind)

Basically, there a ton of poor lifestyle habits that end up causing this chronic inflammation, which literally tears up our arterial walls. And this happens every single minute, of every single day.

With the inflammation constantly attacking our cells, the body needs a stopgap measure.

Enter cholesterol.

Our good friend cholesterol comes to rescue to help patch things up.

In normal cases, the cholesterol would stick around for a short while and leave once the inflamed area healed up. But with the never-ending flow of inflammation, new invaders called macrophages come into the mix. Before the cholesterol can "leave" so to speak, these macrophages act on the cholesterol and make them oxidize.

With a constant onslaught of toxins via food and lifestyle habits, these macrophages keep adding up in size and quantity. And with so many of them trying to "take their prize", the cholesterol is quickly oxidized to the point that it's taking up too much space in the artery.

THIS leads to the clogged arteries and lack of proper arterial flow which is known to cause heart disease and other ailments.

And the whole time cholesterol was just doing its job!

Blaming cholesterol for disease is like blaming police on a crime that they showed up to solve.

"Well you were there, so you must've done it".

What kind of logic is that?

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