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Why Turmeric Powder Is USELESS...

February 02, 2016 by Sayan


If you're like most health-conscious Americans, you've heard of Turmeric.

It's a pungent yellow spice, used frequently in India (and some East Asian cultures.)

And it's been around for THOUSANDS of years.

It's one of the best known herbs in Ayurveda (India's ancient healing system)...and was used as an ancient remedy for everything from healing sores to boosting stomach & liver health to relieving pain.

And, it was featured by a VERY famous T.V. Doctor who I'm sure you've heard of.

Because of this, for years Americans have been:

- cooking with Turmeric powder
- drinking Turmeric tea,
- using Turmeric (and olive oil) as hair shampoo
- taking Turmeric supplements
- and much more

Which is why I hate to break it to you but...it is absolutely USELESS as is!

TV personalities, so-called "experts", and bloggers just love to say things like "sprinkle some Turmeric into your food...it's the simplest way to get all its benefits!"

Sorry buddy, but that's not how it works.

Sure if you use Turmeric in your cooking because it tastes good, that's fine...but don't think it's magically making you healthy. You see...

Nearly 100% of the medicinal benefits of Turmeric come from one of its compounds called "Curcumin".

Curcumin and its health benefits make up JUST 3% of Turmeric powder.

You would have to consume 16,500 milligrams of Turmeric every single day to get the minimum effective dose of Curcumin from simple Turmeric powder!

This is fine if you grew up in India or Japan, and your mom sprinkled heaps of Turmeric into your meals every day, 3x a day, since you were 5 years old.

(And yes, that's why scientists think India has such a low Alzheimer's rate -- because they've eaten Turmeric in large quantities every single day for most of their lives).

But if you live here in America, or really anywhere except India or Okinawa, Japan (where daily cups of Turmeric tea is a part of life)...you're out of luck!

The only way to get the TRUE medicinal benefits of Turmeric is to use highly-concentrated extracts of the main active compound Curcumin.

Based on scientific studies, you need at least 500mg of Curcumin supplements (NOT regular Turmeric supplements) daily to see real health benefits (and up to 8 grams per day in some studies -- though that would likely cause stomach upset).


You can't just use any Curcumin supplement :(

Research shows that unfortunately only 3-4% of Curcumin you ingest is absorbed after making it through your digestive system.

The other 96-97% is wasted.

The only way to make Turmeric/Curcumin work properly -- again scientifically-proven -- is to add a proportional dose of Black Pepper extract to your dose.

95% of companies selling Curcumin do NOT do this.

Which means 95% of Curcumin supplements out there are literally useless .

If you're thinking this is getting a little crazy, you're right.

And unfortunately I'm not done yet.

Any ethical supplement company will also tell you that most Curcumin health benefits are currently NOT backed by human, double-blind clinical studies (the gold standard in scientific research). Instead...

Typical, ineffective Curcumin supplements are based on animal (NOT human) research and one-sided studies.

Now I don't know about you...but I don't feel safe being compared to a lab rat.

In some cases, mice studies are a necessity, but the reality is YOU ARE NOT A MOUSE.

Just because something works on a mouse does NOT mean it will work on you.

That's why ANY supplement you buy should be backed by HUMAN research with double-blind studies (where neither the researcher nor study volunteer knows who was given the study extract, and who was given a placebo).

Which brings us down to my favorite Curcumin extract of all time...

One that has been recommended by doctors and scientists across the globe, studied in the highest of high-level Universities, and more.

It's called Curcumin C3 Complex...and it's featured in a mind-blowing 34 HUMAN CLINICAL STUDIES AND 72 RESEARCH PAPERS.

It's the "creme de la creme" in Curcumin supplements.

And it pairs perfectly with BioPerine (the best Black Pepper extract out there, scientifically proven to increase the absorption and half-life of Curcumin C3 by a whopping 2000%).

Curcumin C3 & Bioperine itself are quite expensive, averaging $25-$30 per month on Amazon.

(What INFURIATES me is a few unethical companies on Amazon are selling Curcumin C3 by itself, without BioPerine -- basically an ineffective product -- for an insulting $39).

You could get it on Amazon, and it should help with your health issues (especially with supporting healthy blood sugar and blood pressure, inflammation and joint health, digestive support, and more).

But what if you could get these same highly-effective Curcumin C3 & BioPerine extracts...along with 15 MORE ethically-researched, effective herbs...all targeted towards getting you a slimmer, sexier bodythan you could with diet and exercise alone? Is that something you'd be interested in?

If your answer is "yes", then you'll LOVE the newly-improved formula I'm about to share with you. Because now you can...

So, forget about ineffective Turmeric pills...

Forget about products based on mice studies...and...

Forget about un-scientific solutions to your most pressing health concerns...

Instead, use Curcumin C3 and other well-researched herbs & vitamins...so you can get in better shape, look great, and feel amazing, all for less than a cup of coffee. Here it is...

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P.S. In the case of Curcumin vs. Modern Medicine, there are some very interesting findings. In particular, Curcumin has been studied for effectiveness against ALL of these drugs:

Of course, this doesn't mean you should stop taking those drugs if you are on them currently, and don't take this to mean Curcumin will cure, treat or prevent anything. I'm not here giving you medical advice, and the full research isn't there yet anyway.

But I am saying you should understand the potential power of natural herbs when used daily.

And while future research may show Curcumin to be a bust (unlikely, but definitely possible), the current and past research paints an interesting picture.

It's getting late here, so I'm going to sign off. But I hope this was helpful.

And if you aren't already taking Curcumin C3 & Bioperine in a way that also targets your stubborn belly fat then get started here:

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