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I’m back — still alive ;)

February 18, 2015 by Sayan


I am back in the states now after a whirlwind trip through India.

I actually returned last week but have been battling a bad stomach bug and overall fatigue...

(This is what happens when you eat super spicy food against everyone's warning AND travel through 4 cities, 6 flights, multiple motor boats and :gasp: rowboats, and 15 "events"/plans....all in just 12 days.)

I'm also just getting over the fact that my group and I almost died :/

We were on a "night safari" through the Sunderban Tiger Reserve (part of the ginormous Sunderman Mangrove Forest near Calcutta, India)...

...and the river we were rowing on narrowed into a tiny little stream, out of nowhere.

Next thing we know we were slogging through the dense, thick mangrove forest, and literally pushing off trees to get leverage/speed.

And then we got stuck :(

Stuck in the middle of a forest full of Bengal Tigers, Crocodiles, poisonous Cobras and god knows what else.

So much for a quiet night.

Anyway, our boat was stuck for a good 15 minutes before our captain jumped out of the boat and hung onto the trees while pushing the boat free.

But we weren't done yet...

There was another 20+ minutes of rowing through this narrow stream at an increasingly slower rate.

It got so bad that the captain starting praying "Hare Krishna" as loud as possible.

Apparently the loud noises would let the tigers know there was human activity nearby...hopefully making them stay away and not eat us alive!

Fun stuff ;)

Anyway, the good thing is we made it out alive...

And the rest of the trip was a blast.

Most importantly I saw ALL of my family from India (yes there are many of them...grandpa, cousins, aunts/uncles, you name it)...after 7+ years without visiting :(

And now I'm back and ready to get you some KILLER fat loss & longevity tips and tricks.

I had planned on writing you daily or at least 3x a week while I was abroad...but due to a jam-packed schedule and hard-to-find internet connections that did not happen as planned.

Sorry about that!

Moving on...

Today I want to quickly remind you of the 3 most important steps to follow for rapid fat loss.

(I know how confusing it can be when everyone is telling you something different. So I'm going to break this down to steps that simply WORKED for myself and multiple InvigorateNOW clients)


Fat Loss Success Step 1: Use Strategic Carb Cycling

==> Simply eat lower carbs on rest days or light cardio days...and eat moderate/high carbs on your heavy workout days. You can make this even simple by doing 3 low-carb days followed by 1 high carb, followed by 3 low carb days, etc.

==> Men should eat about 75 grams of carbs on their low carb days and women about 50g (about 1 cup of rice).

==> On moderate/high carbs days, bump this to about .75-1 gram per lb of bodyweight. So if you weigh 200 lbs, on your "high carb days" you'll eat 150-200 grams of carbs (on the higher end if male, lower end if female)


Fat Loss Success Step 2: Use Metabolic Burst Workouts

==> Burst workouts are bodyweight interval style workouts or circuit workouts. Basically work out hard and FAST. You'll want to do intense workouts that get your heart pumped, supercharge your metabolism, burn lots of fat...and you want these to last no more than 15-20 minutes

==> I usually do 15-20 reps of each of these exercises in a circuit (no rest between exercises)...rest 1 minute after, and repeat 3-4x.

==> My favorite exercises are pushups or knee pushups, squats, chair dips (if my shoulders feel OK), total body extensions, and mountain climbers. Add a 60-second plank hold to the end of each circuit.

==> I also add in 50-75 light reps of Ketllebell swings, and 2 sets of 10-15 Kettlebell shoulder presses...you can do the same if you have kettlebells or dumbbells at home


Fat Loss Success Step 3: Use Science-Backed, All-Natural Supplements

==> Reduce the 3 hidden fat triggers with a smart supplementation protocol

==> I'm biased of course, but based on our research and experience, the must-haves are InvigorateNOW Full Spectrum Fat Loss, InvigorateNOW Probiotic Power, InvigorateNOW Omega Miracle TG (natural fish oil), as well as a protein shake source.

==> For protein, I switch between Biotrust, Optimum Nutrition, and Garden of Life (vegan protein -- better on your stomach if you have issues with whey)

==> I also use Vitamin D3 and ZMA (zinc magnesium aspartate), the latter of which helps with sleep.


OK, I gotta run...but hope that helps.

Talk soon,