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Your #1 Fat Loss Problem

March 30, 2014 by Sayan


We diet, we exercise, we do all the right things.

Except we forget about what I call a "toxic onslaught".

You've definitely heard of some of the ones I'm about to share with you, but not all of them...

And there's a 99.9% chance you don't have them all "handled".

Why does this matter?

Well chemicals & toxins easily get "trapped" in your fat cells...

They cause deep inflammation in the GI tract which makes you bloated, cramped, sprinting to the toilet, and more.

Plus, this inflammation causes leaky gut syndrome.

Basically, if you have a "leaky gut", tiny holes are created in your GI tract.

From these holes, a flood of toxins, chemicals and partially digested food seep into your bloodstream.

The result? A massive inflammatory and immune response that attacks everything entering your body.

Besides the fact that doctors are now recognizing this as one of the underlying causes of ALL major diseases...

This is closely tied in with the 3 fat triggers (especially #2 and #3).

This is what you MUST fix if you want to burn fat, firm up, and feel great...fast.

Here are 13 toxins keeping you from a thinner, happier you:

1. Processed, GMO-contaminated foods (anything made with non-organic wheat, corn and soy)

2. Blood-sugar spiking foods & allergens (including most wheat & gluten products)

3. Pesticides/insecticides in fruit and vegetables and hydrogenated oils

4. Estrogen, antibiotics and powerful hormones in meat

5. Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in Aluminum Pans and Teflon/non-stick cookware

6. Toxic air contaminants (11, to be exact) in paraffin candles and benzene chemicals in air fresheners

7. Airborne & environmental pollutants (from vehicular emissions, factories, residual smoke, and other sources).

8. Parabens, propylene glycol, and other toxins hiding in skin care products (even "natural" ones)

9. Petrochemicals in everyday cleaning sprays, detergents, and air fresheners

10. Mold spores in damp, dark corners of our homes and stuffy, unfiltered indoor air (breeding ground for respiratory problems)

11. Formaldehyde in furniture and carcinogens in building materials

12. Chlorine, fluoride and 300+ chemicals in our water supply

13. Bisphenol-A (BPA) hidden in the seals of all canned foods, and found in plastics -- the particularly dangerous ones are plastic #3,6, and 7 on the plastic resin chart (#1,2,4 and 5 are a little better)

Now, sure, you might have some of these "weak points" covered.

You may avoid wheat, gluten and other allergens...and eat certified organic (therefore avoiding GMOs). You may have high-quality reverse osmosis water filters and the best air filters money can buy. And you might even bathe and wash in 100% natural (even homemade) products.

But with the state of our modern world, there's very little chance you're 100% in the clear.

Heck, unless you're out in the wilderness in a hand-built log cabin and living off the land...you're almost guaranteed to be exposed to millions of toxins the second you walk outside.

I know you don't want to hear that, and that it even sounds "crazy", but it's true.

And if you're smart, you'll want to reduce as many of these as possible.

And you'll want to have extra protection, with herbs that reduce toxic inflammation, protect the liver, and speed up fat burning.

Get 'em here:

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Sayan Sarkar