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Destroy THIS fat trigger in 14 days

March 20, 2014 by Sayan


I'll keep this one short & sweet.

Just gonna give you actionable steps to clear the JUNK out of your diet.

To stick to the essentials...

And remove one of the three big "fat triggers" keeping you from the body you want -- and deserve.

In as little as 14 days!

Without further ado, here's...

How to destroy insulin resistance through diet.

Goal--> Spend 2 weeks or more removing all carbs, except non-starchy veggies and low-sugar fruits from your diet.

- Eat protein (generally from naturally raised fish, meat or eggs) at every meal
- Eat healthy fats (from your protein and/or coconut oil, olive oil & grass-fed butter
- Eat green veggies at every meal
- Remove rice, pasta, bread, potatoes and other standard carb sources
- Remove high-sugar fruits and starchy veggies such as corn, peas, and carrots
- Enjoy 2-3 servings of low-sugar fruits (I prefer apples, blueberries or strawberries)

And before you go all crazy on this relatively strict dieting...

Go ALL out 1x per week.

Have a big meal or two that's heavy in starchy carbs (rice, potatoes, etc.), and has some of your favorite snacks & sweets too.

Do this preferably after a good workout when your body needs a replenishing energy source.

Just make sure your breakfast is healthy and includes a good chunk of protein, a bit of fat & some veggies.

And if you want some pancakes on the side of that?

Go for it!

Think of it as "ME" day...


I personally spent about 12 weeks on this plan.

My insulin resistance was pretty bad, being that I was still 40+ pounds overweight and I seemed to plateau every time I introduced too many carbs into my diet.

You'll have to test it out yourself, but at a bare minimum you'll need 2 weeks to jumpstart the insulin resistance turnaround.

If you have more weight to lose than most, your insulin resistance is likely at a more advanced stage.

So spend some more time eating this way, and watch as your weight loss skyrockets!

And of course, I wouldn't be your trusted health advocate if I didn't let you know about my done-for-you solution to...

===> Supercharge your insulin sensitivity and remove all 3 fat triggers!

Happy First Day of Spring!

Sayan Sarkar