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The Sneaky Hormone Making You Fat and Sick

March 15, 2013 by Sayan


Ever wonder how the nutrients in your food (especially carbs) get to your cells?

And how your body decides whether to turn the nutrients into lean, healthy muscle...or sloppy, ugly fat?

Oh, you haven't wondered, you say?

Well too bad, you're gonna find out anyway!

(And if you're smart about it, you'll act on this IMMEDIATELY if you want to lose fat).

Let's jump into it.

The sneaky hormone that partially controls your fat vs. muscle storage is...


It moves/shuttles nutrients (like carbs) (and also protein) into your cells to be stored for energy.

(Note: While protein does ramp up insulin, it also increases "glucagon", a hormone that basically has the OPPOSITE effect of insulin. This is why moderate to high protein diets can help cause rapid fat loss, despite high insulin output).

Anyway, when you eat excess carbs, insulin production increases to "deal with" these nutrients

Most times, though, there is so much insulin trying to force your way into your cells that your cells literally "resist" the flow...

And a condition called "insulin resistance" develops.

Insulin resistance can lead to unwanted fat gain, diabetes onset, and (alongside chronic inflammation) seems to play a role in MOST major diseases.

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The real problem here is: For years, we've been eating toxic, high carb foods (and factory-made industrial fats)...

(As a result of people being told to "run away" from naturally raised meats and eggs, and other healthy fats, and instead eat high-sugar, low fat processed grains)...

And this high carb intake is converted to "glycogen", which is basically a form of carb-based energy.

And this carb-based energy is NEVER used up

That's because most of us spend long hours at the office behind a desk, followed by a (sometimes dreadful) commute home (while sitting down of course), and a high-carb/insulin spiking meal to end the day.

We keep stuffing in more carbs...giving our body no chance to "use" or "dispose" of it properly.

> As a result, we end up storing tons of fat. Here's the process in a nutshell:

1) Our insulin-resistant cells can not tolerate many extra nutrients from carbohydrates.

2) Since we're continuing to eat tons of carbs, we keep pumping out insulin....and our cells decide to fight back, and store the excess as fat.

3) As body fat increases, insulin resistance further increases.

4) Insulin resistance combines with various toxins & chemicals from our meals, environments, and more....making chronic inflammation in our body 10x worse.

5) With less nutrients being shuttled into your cells, you stay hungry and/or get hungry soon after a meal.

6) Since you're hungry, you eat even more carbs (that your cells still will not tolerate) and end up causing further fat gain.

Well that sucks, doesn't it?

Yep, it does.

Here's what to do about it!!

1. Reduce carb intake to a manageable level (50-100 grams per day is a good point for most. Women eat closer to 50-75 and men closer to 100)

2. Keep it organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised and all that good stuff. The less toxins, hormones and chemicals in our food...the less liver clogging & less chronic inflammation...and the less fat gain.

3. Use "smart" herbs like the ones in InvigorateNOW that control insulin around meals, cut out inflammation and cleanse the liver (your fat-burning filter). With these proven herbs, you also won't have to be as "perfect" with your diet, and you'll still see great results.

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Well, I'm off to enjoy this gorgeous 60 degree NYC weather! (Before it drops down to 30 Monday...wtf!)

Til next time,

Sayan "Just Made Insulin My (Fill In The Blank)" Sarkar