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#1 "Deadly" Fat Loss Mistake (How I Broke a 5+ Month Plateau)

March 14, 2014 by Sayan


Let me ask you a question...

Do you make this deadly mistake in your fat loss journey?

Following a diet or nutrition plan, without understanding *why* or *how* it works.

Or following a plan, without taking an objective look at it?

===> How I Broke a 5+ Month Plateau

I see this problem far too often.

I also made this mistake when I was first starting out.

You see, back in Fall of 2010, I read a great blog post by NY Times bestselling author Tim Ferriss (from the "4 Hour" books) that advocated a simple diet plan to follow.

The post was written very well, and got straight to the point, and I ate it up (figuratively...and literally).

It told me to do the following:
- Leave out all the processed sugar
- Leave out white flour
- Leave out the liquid calories.
- Leave out fruits

And instead, to focus on:
- Eating lean proteins
- Eating healthy fats
- Eating unlimited beans
- Eating unlimited veggies

I was also allowed cheats like nut butters, artificial sweeteners here and there, and a full cheat day once a week.

All in all, it was a very solid plan, and it worked very well for me in the beginning.

It gave me that first "ray of light" in my weight loss journey, and helped me cut 30 pounds.

I also saw major improvements in shoulder and lower back pain...

(I was recovering from 2 torn rotator cuffs and a slipped disk in my back...it's a long story).

> But then, out of nowhere, the *light* completely shut off.

After losing 30 pounds, I still had 45+ to go...and the scale stopped moving.

After a few months of success on my processed-food free, beans- galore nutrition plan...I had officially hit a plateau.

It was incredibly painful to experience, especially since the plateau lasted for OVER 5 MONTHS!

The good part? I gained a ton of self-esteem and confidence during that period (which I sorely lacked in my obese years).

And so I decided that I would lose the rest of the weight AND determine a foolproof plan for fat loss, NO MATTER WHAT.

More importantly, I would understand WHY and HOW a diet worked (or didn't work)...

And I would learn how to manipulate all the variables so weight loss was more of a...

Foolproof formula!

I left nothing up to chance....

No more guesstimates.

No more "let me eat some healthy food and see what happens".

And no more "let me blindly follow this plan because a celebrity says it works".

I hit the books, articles, research papers...you name it.

And hidden in the 700+ (and counting) research pieces I read...

I discovered 3 very important fat loss secrets...

3 "Triggers", if you will....

That you MUST remove if you want to burn fat and get the lean, sexy body that makes the neighbors jealous.

Yep THAT kinda body.

The kind that turns heads, drops jaws, and WOWS everyone you know.

If you want to know what these 3 secrets are...

And if you want to finally understand "why" and "how" permanent weight loss works, click below to learn more.

===> The 3 Hidden Fat Triggers (Don't Do These!)

Stay warm (it's gonna be in the 20s in the Northeast tomorrow!),

Sayan Sarkar