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Disturbing things I heard at brunch yesterday

February 15, 2014 by Sayan


Oh boy...

So it was about 2 o' clock in the afternoon yesterday and I was with some friends at this lounge called Pranna.

We were there to celebrate my friend's birthday (she's turning 26), and figured we might as well "go hard or go home"...

And what better place to do it than Pranna, which is basically a huge NYC lounge/nightclub turned insane "boozy brunch party" in the day time.

Now, the place isn't exactly known for their brunch food, as opposed to their bass-thumping party vibe...

But nonetheless, I was pretty excited looking over all the delicious entrees on the menu.

And while I was looking over all these delicious entrees...

I overhead a very disturbing conversation at a table nearby us.

It was a group of late 20s or early 30s women, and they had just finished ordering.

As their waiter walked off, they started to talk about what each girl had ordered.

One said to the other, "I was really craving those crab cakes, but I decided to just get the chef salad. Trying to stay healthy!"

Her friend turned and said "OMG those crab cakes sounded delicious right? But yeah same here...I'm on another diet so I just got the yogurt & granola starter. All the entrees sounded too fattening."

Then all the other girls chimed in. It was 7 of them total, and I kid you not...they all said variations of the SAME thing.

They were ALL on another new diet.

They were ALL worried about eating "fattening" foods.

And they were ALL depriving themselves of the foods they loved and craved, just to try and save a few calories. (Which they more than made up with the bottomless drinks anyway.)

Anyway, why am I telling you this?

Well, for the whole 10 minutes or so that the girls loudly discussed their food choices...

I decided on EXACTLY what I would eat that would help me stay lean and fit come tomorrow.

I got the "Old Fashioned Cheeseburger" (medium-rare) with Fries.

Now if that shocks you, then you've got a lot to learn my friend...

You see, it's time like these that I am SO grateful that I know exactly how to manipulate nutrition, and how to eat the foods I love...and still look great the next day.

And I'll keep doing it this way for a very, very long time...because it works!

I'll never again waste time starving myself, or eating bland salads every single day, or skipping out on delicious meals with the people I love...just to save a measly pound.

And it's all because of a little discovery I made about 3 years ago, that lets me eat delicious, but healthy foods 24/7 AND eat junk foods whenever I want AND still burn fat "automatically".

The only "work" part here is knowing my "numbers" every day and taking my daily supplement to keep underlying fat triggers at bay.

What about you?

Do you lose fat and stay fit automatically, any time you want and as often as you want?

Do you fit in your favorite "junk" foods whenever you want and still lose weight?

Or do you restrict yourself left and right like the girls I saw in the restaurant today?

If you answered "no" to those first 2 questions, and/or "yes" to the last question, then you have GOT TO check out my InvigorateNOW supplement and 14 Day Plan.

I teach you the very method I've used to eat junk (a lot), and still stay thin and happy year round.

Eliminate strict dieting here: https://invigoratenow.com/how-invigoratenow-helps-preferred-customer-club-v3-product/

Sayan Sarkar