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#1 success secret no one talks about [celeb advice]

February 10, 2014 by Sayan


There's one secret to my success that most "wannabes" NEVER have in their lives.

It's a "method to the madness" that's helped me STOP doing the same thing over and over again...(and expecting a different result)

It comes down to having someone (or something) that keeps me on track 24/7.

Truth is, I would have never made it...

Never lost 17 pounds in 30 days...

And never lost 76 pounds in total...

Without these 3 influential "mentors"!

1) Tim Ferriss (the man behind the "4 Hour" books & NY times bestselling series)

2) John Romaniello (NYC Celebrity Trainer, Fitness Model, and bestselling author of "Alpha 2.0")

3) 700+ nutrition articles, books, & research papers...(yes, a "mentor" does NOT just have to be a person)

And from these mentors, I learned a few simple but POWERFUL weight loss secrets...

1a) Tim's writing taught me the power of cutting out processed, refined foods for fast results

1b) In speaking with Tim in person 2x last year (first at his book signing, and second, at John Romaniello's book release party in Chelsea -- which was a freakin' awesome time)...I learned the power of modeling success.

Tim specifically said to look at the BEST of the best...and see how they've been successful, and do what they do.

This advice is golden.

Basically: Don't try and reinvent the wheel.

You'll just spend half your life chasing a goal which you may never even reach.

Instead, get the secrets from someone's who been there and done it already.

You'll be amazed at the results.

2) John "Roman" Romaniello taught me the power of strategic exercise to supercharge your results (including the power of metabolic training, HIIT, AMRAP sets, and more -- full details in my 6 Weeks to Ripped guide)

3) And the 700+ papers tied it all together...because just 3 of those papers held the ultimate secret to fat loss (that most people never even find out).

Those 3 special papers told me all about:

a) chronic inflammation
b) insulin resistance
c) dirty/clogged livers.

These are the 3 fat triggers that I will talk about OVER and OVER AGAIN, because unless you fix them...you are screwed.

Sorry, but that's the truth.

Most people are stuck on the hamster wheel of trying new diets, new exercise plans, new supplements...without EVER seeing lasting results.

Don't be like them.

Fix the 3 fat triggers and use a smart, PROVEN plan, with guaranteed weight loss.

Quit trying to reinvent the wheel.

Model success....and you'll BE a success.

And sure, having a coach definitely helps, but you probably DON'T need one.

What you DO need is: to have a simple, science-backed way to stop the fat triggers for good.

Which you'll be happy to know, are all included in my "no-stone-left-unturned" virtual mentor, in the proven InvigorateNOW supplement AND 14 Day Rapid Results Plan (free with every order):


Sayan Sarkar