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My secret addiction (and 5 unconventional fat burning tips)

February 7, 2014 by Sayan


I'm writing to you today from a hotel room down in Valley Forge, PA.

Hanging with some of my best buds from college, and their awesome significant others.

"R" is engaged to "E", and the other "R" has been with "J" for almost 4 years now.

Great to see them together, and great to see them in general.

We're here today to hit up the local casino...and just chill after not seeing each other in 2+ years.

Now I bring this all up for one reason...

I've always had a quite a "secret" problem with casinos.

(Which bears a striking resemblance to the food/weight problems I had back in the day.)

Put simply, I used to have a HUGE gambling problem.

Whether it was Caesars in AC, Mohegan Sun, or the Paris Hotel & Cosmo in Vegas...I was way outta control.

I would try to stick to a $200 limit...and somehow be $1000+ in the hole within a few hours.

And then throw $25-50 on a single number on the Roulette tables (my favorite #14) and miraculously WIN.

Go on a half hour streak and end up $800 richer than when I walked in.

Just to lose it all again in the next 20 minutes.

Sucks, doesn't it?

Reminds me of the up and down "diet -- binge -- diet" cycle that most of us have experienced.

Strict diet limits that you can't stick with more than a few days...

Leading to a MASSIVE binge...

And the guilt, shame, and embarrassment that follows.

Only to get on an even crazier diet again...which leads to yet another binge 2 weeks down the road.

Complete with ugly fat around your belly, arms, and thighs that NEVER goes away.

No matter how hard you try.

Thankfully, these days, I know there's a way around it.

And here's a 5-part no B.S. intro that'll get you started:

1. Reduce polyunsaturated Omega 6 fats and inflammatory foods to REVERSE Chronic Inflammation

2. Eat less carbs (but not too low) to REVERSE Blood Sugar Spikes & Insulin Resistance

3. Eat less processed/refined foods, genetically modified foods, and other hidden toxins to REVERSE a dirty, clogged liver.

4. Use a "full spectrum" blend of herbs/vitamins that SUPERCHARGE a strategic diet AND target the 3 fat triggers (insulin resistance, inflammation, and liver clogging)

5. Know exactly how much to eat (calories) and in what proportion of carbs, fat, and protein to eat ("macros"), and STICK TO IT.

Basically, don't be like the "old Sayan" at a casino.

Be the "new Sayan", who sets a limit ($50 in the casino...or daily supplements + 2,200 calories in the kitchen) and does NOT waver from it.

If you want the easy, smart, "done-for-you" way to do it...check out my full spectrum InvigorateNOW supplement today

(Plus: get all the diet details in the Extreme Fat Loss Formula books/manuals)

Spin the wheel, champ: https://invigoratenow.com/how-invigoratenow-helps-preferred-customer-club-v3-product/

Sayan Sarkar