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Breaking “Fad

December 29, 2013 by Sayan


Ever watch the hit AMC show "Breaking Bad"?

With high school chemistry teacher turned meth cook Walter White.

It's a gripping tale of one man's dying mission...

To make enough money to support his family when he passes from cancer...

By cooking and dealing methamphetamine!

Interesting idea.

Amazing show.

And (you knew this was coming), outstanding fat loss lesson!

You see, Walt is quite the chemistry whiz, and alongside his old student Jesse, he creates the strongest and purest form of meth on the market.

And the "secret" behind it is Walt's unique formula.

A formula he's perfected through rigorous testing and tweaking.

A formula that lets him have the BEST product and the BEST results,

While the competition puts out a weak, subpar product, time and time again.

Which brings me to this...

Any major undertaking (especially proper weight loss), REQUIRES a tried-and-true formula.

Because a non-formulaic "fad diet" approach can only work for so long.

And even while it's "working", you get subpar results.

And time and time again, you get frustrating, humiliating plateaus.

Weeks of strict dieting and exercising, with nothing to show for it.

And when finally, you realize you don't have an effective long-term plan, you're sh*t outta luck.

Back to the drawing board if you're lucky.

Or if you're like most Americans, back to daily junk food binges, complete with crying that "it'll never work for ME".


You can continue doing fad diets like 95% of the population...

You can continue doing very-low calorie starvation diets...

And you can continue dieting without removing the 3 internal "fat triggers" (chronic inflammation, insulin resistance & liver clogging).

But you're just gonna end up like the other 200+ million sick, overweight Americans.

Why even bother?

Why not start "Breaking Fad", today?

My proven 3-trigger supplement ill show you how:

Get off the fad diet rollercoaster for good!

Sayan Sarkar