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The Curious Case of the Missing Turkey

November 29, 2013 by Sayan


It was Thanksgiving 2013.

A time for family, food and fun.

My family and I are usually big on the huge turkey & side dishshebang.

Stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, sauces,pies, egg nog, you name it.

We also usually make all the food ourselves.

But this year's been a busy & stressful one for all of us.

So, we decided to order a pre-cooked turkey dinner from thelocal market.

Figured we could warm it up in the oven, and just relax as afamily.

Great intentions, not so great outcome...

My brother and I hit the store at our pickup time, only tobe told by the clueless employee,

"Uhh sorry but we sold out of the actual turkeys. We cangive you all the sides and a deli turkey breast."

I immediately lost it...

I'm usually a calm, collected guy.

Smiles all around. Pats on the back. Generally kind and forgiving.

But mess with my turkey (and my family's "chill" time),especially on Thanksgiving, and you've got a problem.

I shot back. "Are you kidding me? We pre-ordereda dinner, and you even have my name on the box full of sidedishes...but somehow a 15 pound turkey just disappeared?"

This was more than a "we sold out".

It was a slap in the face.

Thanksgiving Day at 4 p.m., no dinner for the family, and noidea what to do next.

After a long, heated exchange, and my outright refusal totake a deli turkey breast ("Do you really expect us to eat coldcuts on Thanksgiving??")...my brother and I brought a raw turkeyhome and cooked it from scratch.

So much for a stress-free Thanksgiving.

(On a good note, the dinner and family time turned out to beamazing. And that's what really matters in the end.)

Anyway, I bring this up because it brought up some memories a.k.a.lessons from my weight loss journey.


1) Nothing is ever "perfect", and things can go haywire in aninstant.

Our "perfect" ready-made turkey plan quickly went to sh*t.

And I can recall countless times my "perfect" weight lossplans quickly went to sh*t.

Thankfully we knew how to cook a turkey in a moment'snotice.

But for weight loss? Most of us have no solid backup and understandingof even the basics, let alone the advanced stuff.

This just about guarantees failure, anger, and humiliation.

2) Never settle for second-best

We briefly entertained thoughts of eating out.

But my mom loves turkey and so do we. It just didn't seemright.

So we began cooking at 5 p.m, and didn't eat until 10.

And I wouldn't trade it for cold cuts or restaurant food anyday.

Never forget that, when you feel hopeless & like you have noway out...

And all you want to do is throw in the towel and settle forwhat's easier...

Just keep going.

Keep dodging those curveballs.

Weight loss (and life) ain't no joke.

It takes persistence.

It takes dedication.

And it takes a will to not let ANYTHING get you down.

(Whether it's a "missing" turkey on Thanksgiving or yet another dayof strict dieting and zero results.)

Here's your very own "15-pound" bird, "stuffed" full of tips, tricks,and strategies:

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