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The truth about fruit & fat burners

November 14, 2013 by Sayan


Let's get into some "Q&A" today.

First question...

QUESTION: What's your position on fruit? A lot of the expertsthese days say it clogs the liver and causes fat gain. But peoplehave been eating fruit for ages. What gives?

SAYAN: Great question. This can get very in-depth, especiallyconsidering internal responses to fructose (fruit sugar), liverglycogen stores, and other fun stuff.

For full details, you can (and should) grab my book.

But for now, I'll keep it simple.

If you're overweight and/or facing metabolic issues (70% ofAmericans are), eat less fruit.

Once at a healthy weight, eat fruit liberally. It's keptcivilizations thriving for millennia, and will continue to do so.

Just make sure it's whole fruit. (None of that dried fruit,or syrupy concoctions).

And don't forget to keep the liver clean 24/7.

In my humble, but accurate, opinion, here's how to do it:

Eat a few pieces of fruit daily, follow a relatively toxin-freediet and take 2 capsules of liver-cleansing InvigorateNOW(part of my EFLF package).

Moving on...

QUESTION: How can you sell a fat-loss supplement when most ofthem don't actually work?

SAYAN: The force is strong with this one.

With so much media mumbo-jumbo these days...most people don'trealize that 80+% of weight loss comes from diet and/or exercise.

Not from Dr Oz's miracle-of-the-month or Hydroxycut or otherstimulants. But from lifestyle changes.

Except for one thing.

If you don't address the underlying causes of fat gain(typical fat burners never do this), you're unlikely to everhave the body you want.

Sure you'll lose weight, look better, feel better.

But chances are you'll forever stay in that "last 15 pounds".

And no one wants to still be "that chubby" guy or gal, especiallyafter dropping a nice chunk of flab.

Me? I prefer to speed it up.

Reduce inflammation, blood sugar issues, and liver cloggingfrom the get-go.

Strip off fat and clear out hidden internal triggers.

Make sure it never comes back.

I do with a targeted, NON-stimulant herbal supplement &smart nutrition principles.

Learn more here:

STOP These 3 Fat Triggers

Sayan Sarkar