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Healthy detox - understanding how your liver works

March 24, 2013 by Sayan


Have you ever really wondered why your cholesterol levels and liver enzymes are high?

Why your blood pressure is rising?

Why old age spots are showing up on your face?

And why you can’t lose weight no matter what diet you’re on?

Actually, all these have one thing in common: a liver that is crying out for a healthy detox.

Your liver only weighs a few pounds but it is by far one of the most important organs in your body. It’s the filtration system for your body.

Think About a Filter on Your Faucet or Shower

Have you ever purchased a brand new filter for your kitchen faucet or shower? When you looked at it, it was clear and may have looked like a mesh with holes you could see light through.

Now once you start running water through the filter, you begin filtering out all types of particles and microbes that shouldn’t be there. They collect on the filter. And if you don’t ever clean the filter, what happens?

The filter gets full of the toxins and needs to be cleansed.

The Connection to Your Liver

The same thing happens with your liver. In normal daily living, toxins are clogging the filtration system of your liver, and although the body is self-cleaning, the amount of toxins in the environment and in the food supply is so great that it often exceeds the filtration ability of the liver.

That’s when cholesterol levels shoot up because the liver is responsible for processing and synthesizing cholesterol. That’s when liver enzyme levels rise, indicating the filtration ability and functions of the liver have been depressed. Blood pressure rises, too and old age spots are more prevalent because the pigment lipofuscin can’t be filtered in the liver.

And of course, you can’t lose weight because your liver is closely tied in with processing of food and nutrients.

Just might be time for a detox! A healthy one of course..

What ‘Clogs’ Your Liver

Some of the biggest “liver cloggers"