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Should I stop taking medicine for joint pain?

December 6, 2012 by Sayan


In today's post, we're going to talk about joint and muscle pain and some tips on how to reduce it!

Conventional wisdom tells you to get a quick prescription from the doc, and essentially numb out the pain...well today we're going to change that!

Note: I'd like you to keep the following point in mind (what I call the "Real Food Solution") as you read the article.

--The fundamental 3 steps for complete wellness (and a really lean body:)
Step 1: Eating a processed-food free diet, a.k.a. EAT REAL FOOD.
Step 2: Doing (some) exercise! The more inactive you are, the worse the pain gets.
Step 3: Using all-natural supplements instead of conventional medicines.

Enter: Muscle pain and Joint pain

...It officially can ruin a good day in an instant.

You step out of bed in the morning, and there it is.

Shooting pains up your back. Incredibly stiff knees. Aching shoulders.

Unbearable muscle pain. It gets to me even now, just writing about it.

I still remember the times I just GAVE UP after an hour of trying to articulate the searing pain in my shoulders.You lose track somewhere between “sorta dull"