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Still Committed To Your New Year's Resolutions?

February 19, 2013 by Sayan


It has been over a month since 2012 began. Where are your New Year’s resolutions? Are you still committed to them?

Have you already stopped going to the gym, or did you even start? Have you booked the trips you said you would? Have you been spending more time with your kids? Your parents? With any of your loved ones? Did you learn that new sport, pick up that hobby or read that book you were talking about? Why even make New Year’s resolutions? And why are they set aside so easily?

From my experience, I am most successful when I am driven by the goals and desires that are truly mine - the goals that aren’t pushed on me by my friends, media, movies, books, songs or any other external factor.

In my case, I wanted to commit to exercising on a regular basis. During initial efforts to get in shape, I had periodic spurts of dedication; sprints of time (about a month or two) during which I would force myself to a gym, to lift pieces of metal over and over. It was a chore and not something I truly enjoyed. Like many, who have the post-New Year’s “I will lose 15 pounds to get in beach shape