Proven by clinical studies in the British Medicine Journal, Pennsylvania State University, Molecular Nutrition & Food Research Journal and more…ingredients in this South Asian “diet in a bottle” reveal:


“How To Overcome The 3 Hidden Triggers That Are
Keeping You Fat, Sick, and Always Tired!”

Doctors Reveal NEW “14-Day Skinny” Switch That Helps Obese “Desk Jockey” Melt 76 Pounds, Banish Chronic Pain, and Beat M.D.’s “Death Sentence”…And Causes 25.6x MORE Belly Fat Loss And 130% More Weight Loss (PROVEN In A Double-Blind, Clinical Study)


Fit Girl Guy InvigorateNOW

Dear Frustrated Men & Women Who Want To Lose 10, 25, or Even 50+ Pounds,
Are you fed up with all the low-fat, low-carb, or 3-shake-a-day diets that get you nowhere?
Are you doing hours of cardio or punishing exercise, but have yet to see the fit, sexy body you’ve always wanted?
Do you ever feel like there are some secrets you don’t know that are keeping you from the body of your dreams?
I don’t blame you. It’s NOT your fault.
And if you keep reading this page, I’ll share with you EVERY detail of a very unique weight loss “hack” that makes the difference between having the lean, fit body of your dreams…and spinning your wheels on every new fad diet…
You see, I’ll tell you all about a natural way to take advantage of the simple little “skinny switch” that Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about. One that is packed into a natural pill that has no side effects, does not damage your organs, and may be the most potent weight loss supplement on the market!
Let me first take a step back and tell you how you got fat in the first place. (Yes, it’s much more than just “eating too much”).
There are 3 very common, yet completely overlooked fat loss “triggers” that are keeping you from the body of your dreams.

These triggers are the main reason that you can follow a strict diet plan, exercise 3-4x a week, and drop just a few lousy pounds…only to gain it all back in a few short weeks.

Even worse, they are damaging your healthy cells, throwing your “fat” hormones out of whack, and making you look and feel older than you really are.

In a moment, I’ll tell you ALL about these 3 hidden triggers. But first, let me tell you how I learned all about this…


“They All Laughed When I Said I Was Going To Lose
The ‘Last’ 46 Pounds and Break A 5+ Month Plateau…
But When They Saw Me Just A Few Months Later…”


If you’ve ever wanted to burn off ugly body fat with the smooth precision of a hot knife cutting through butter…while eating all your favorite foods with little, if any, “dieting”…then this will be the most important message you ever read.
Here’s what this is all about: My name is Sayan Sarkar. Until very recently, I was your average overweight (well, obese) American with a very busy job and very little free time. That was, of course, before I started the InvigorateNOW supplement company with help from a renowned Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.
You see, I created this company based on an amazing new weight loss discovery that can help you slash off belly fat, even if NOTHING else has worked for you.
Trust me, I would know…
I spent most of my late teens, college, and early professional years as a “nutrition junkie”…studying fat loss & longevity whenever I had a free moment.
And to date, I’ve read 740+ hard-to-find papers, books, and articles…
But, there’s a shocking secret that I hid through most of these years. And, until recently, I’ve NEVER shared this with anyone except my close family & friends.
You see, the real reason I was always “too busy” to go out to social events or go to the beach during blazing hot New York summers…

I Knew Everything There Was To Know About
Diet & Exercise, But STILL Ballooned To 76 Pounds
I Hated How I Looked But Felt Like
There Was No Way Out.

Even with all the new research on the planet, I tipped the scales at at 220 pounds and just 5 feet, 6 inches tall. The recommended weight for my height was in the 140-150 lbs range…meaning I was clinically obese!
Worst of all, I felt doomed to have a very short, sad, and lonely life. I mean, my friends and family had already been telling me to lose weight for years.
But after a certain point, even THEY stopped. My weight had spiraled out of control more than ever before, and I was all but a lost cause.
And when I thought things couldn’t get ANY worse…they did.
You see, after trying and failing at every single diet and exercise plan, I sought out help from professional doctors.
Their findings ROCKED me from the core. They discovered that I had:
===> Syndrome X (a.k.a. metabolic syndrome)
===> LDL cholesterol higher than 50-year old heart disease patients
===> A severely toxic liver (a steady diet of toxin-rich junk food & beer didn’t help.)
===> Widespread, chronic inflammation (made worse by 2 torn rotator cuffs & a slipped lower back disc)
===> Dangerously high blood sugar levels
===> On the verge of Type 2 Diabetes…

Long story short…

At The Tender Age of 22… 4 Different Doctors Told
Me That If I Kept Gaining Weight Like This…
I Wouldn’t Make It To My 25th Birthday!

I had steadily packed on 10 pounds per year since I was 18, and by the time I was 25, I would be morbidly obese, weighing 250 POUNDS with a 40.3 Body Mass Index…on just a 5 ft 6 inch frame!
Worst of all: I realized that I knew 95% of the diet tips and health strategies on the planet. And they didn’t work!
This brought me to the obvious conclusion: I was missing ONE secret…hidden in that “last 5%” that held the answer to all my problems.
So, from that day on, I set out on a journey to find this key to “holy grail” weight loss by:
…Locking myself in the library, studying obscure research papers going up to 40 years back…
Trying every single herb and vitamin I could find. (If it had even the slightest chance of helping me burn fat, I tried it.)
…Speaking to everyone from traditional herbal healers to Naturopathic Doctors to everyday men & women sharing health elixirs passed down through the generations

So, I Turned Myself Into A “Human Guinea Pig” And
After 5 Painstaking Months, Stumbled Upon The “3-5-17″
To Maximum Fat Loss in Minimum Time!

This “rule” refers to the:
===> 3 hidden fat triggers that you MUST fix if you want to burn fat and feel better.
===> 5 shocking FACTS about chemicals & toxins hiding in your fat cells, and keeping you overweight, sick, and prone to disease
===> 17 doctor-approved herbs & vitamins that “FIX” these triggers so you can change your body forever
Basically, the “rule” is…you MUST fix the 3 fat triggers after understanding 5 PROVEN facts…by using 17 science-backed ingredients!
…And…only AFTER I practically gave up my social life, family time, and sleep to work with a doctor and develop the “17” part of this rule into the full-spectrum “InvigorateNOW” supplement…did I lose the last 46 pounds, and completely transform my life!

Within Months, I Had A Miraculous Transformation…I Lost
The ‘Last’ 46 Pounds (And 76 in Total) And Finally Overcame My Lifelong Struggle With Weight!


InvigorateNOW before after


This “before/after” transformation was only possible after removing the 3 fat triggers with InvigorateNOW!
With this tiny little pill and some “smart” foods scientifically programmed for fat loss (you’ll find out what these smart foods are in the FREE 14 Day Rapid Results Plan), here are my results:
===> 46 extra pounds lost — and 76 pounds total (from “death sentence” to near-perfect health)
===> A trim 28 inch waist (10 inches less than an all-time-high of 38 inches at just 5 ft 6 inches tall)…
===> Zero chronic lower back & shoulder pain (even after a slipped disc in the L5-S1 region of my back and 2 torn rotator cuffs)
===> Clear, vibrant, acne-free skin (yes, you can look 10 years younger like friends say I do these days…)
===> No more “fat clothes” or ugly Facebook photos (you will finally show off the attractive NEW body you deserve)
…And the confidence and happiness to conquer anything and make your comeback…no matter how difficult it seems.
Now, you’ll find out EXACTLY why you are still out of shape, no matter how hard you diet or exercise…

Let me tell you everything you need to know about the “3-5-17″ rule so you can MAXIMIZE your fat loss, and NEVER again be stuck in a body you hate…


Are These 3 Hidden Fat Triggers Keeping You
From The Body You Want – And Deserve?


Fat Trigger #1: "Bad" Blood Sugar & Insulin Resistance

How it works: If you have any weight problems and seem to pack on the pounds anytime you eat carbs, there’s a good chance you are blood sugar resistant. This condition is a result of eating too many carbs and not using off enough glycogen (stored carb energy) in our cells.
You see, extra carbs break down into sugar, which causes a spike in the hormone “blood sugar”. Insulin is usually a good thing since it clears the sugar out of your blood stream by storing carbs in your muscle cells.
BUT, if you’re not in good shape, chances are your muscle cells have a “barrier” that prevents blood sugar from storing carbs as energy. This is where the problem gets worse. Since most of us don’t know about this condition, we keep eating carbs, which sends MORE blood sugar into your already-resistant cells.
Of course, we get nowhere as a result. Your muscle cells continue to refuse entry to these carbs, and instead stores ALL the excess in your fat cells.


blood sugar resistance supplement


Fat Trigger #2: Chronic Inflammation & Leptin Resistance

How it works: New research shows that chronic inflammation is one of the most terrifying causes (and results!) of being overweight.
Step 1: Chemicals and toxins hidden in your food (and environment) that are treated as “foreign invaders” in your body. They destroy your digestive tract, cause a “leaky gut”, and initiate a cell-damaging immune response. (This immune response can also destroy many of your healthy cells and lead to inflammation-related diseases like heart disease, many cancers, Alzheimer’s, and of course weight gain and obesity.)
Step 2: The more fat you store, especially around your belly, the more your body creates highly inflammatory compounds like TNF-a, CRP-1 and MCP-1. These compounds causes oxidative stress, spike the hormone cortisol, and make blood sugar resistance even worse.
Step 3: As extra fat increases chronic inflammation, leptin resistance goes UP. You see, the heavier you are, the more your cells become resistant to leptin, which turns off the “switch” in your brain that tells you when you have eaten enough food.
And if your cells resist leptin, you won’t know when your stomach is full…and there goes ANY chance of sticking to a diet without having uncontrollable binges and tons of guilt & anxiety for “messing up again”.


fatty liver and inflammation


Fat Trigger #3: A Toxic, “Clogged” Liver & High Cortisol

How it works: Your liver plays 2 vital roles in your body. First, it is the body’s main detoxifier (it removes dangerous toxins). Second, it is the body’s main fat “destroyer” (it produces bile to breakdown fat & prevent weight gain).
Step 1: The same toxic & chemical overload that’s causing chronic inflammation gets stuck in the liver. (The liver is your body’s final detox & processing organ). In a desperate attempt to stomp out the toxin overflow, your liver diverts all its powers away from fat-burning, and instead searches for some quick fuel sources.
Step 2: To also fight off the chemical & toxic onslaught, your gut and adrenal glands implement “martial law” on its usual job of breaking down and processing nutrients from your food. At the same time, your stress (from family, jobs, or anything) causes your body to produce MORE Cortisol that signals your body to store belly fat and break down your muscle tissue.
Step 3: With the liver, gut and adrenals out of the picture, an excess of any food causes a massive “spillover” that is sent directly to fat cells in your belly, butt, thighs, and more.


NEVER Let These 5 Facts About Toxic Fat
Gain Wreak Havoc On Your Body


===> (1) A Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine study explains, “The current level of human exposure to these chemicals may have damaged…the body’s natural weight-control mechanisms…these effects…may play a significant role in the worldwide obesity epidemic”.
===> (2) Studies show that most Americans have between 400 and 800 chemical residues hidden in our body’s fat cells
===> (3) A Columbia University School of Public Health study reported that 95% of all cancer is caused by diet and environment.
===> (4) The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) discovered our modern planet is so toxic that the average newborn baby has 287 chemicals in their blood…217 of which are poisonous to the baby’s nerves or nerve cells.
===> (5) The 770-page CDC 2013 National Report on Exposure to Environmental Chemicals discovered the flame retardant BDE-47 in nearly 100% of human fat tissue…BPA in more than 90% of samples…and PFOA in nearly all study participants….

…It’s not a pretty sight, that’s for sure. Especially since many of these toxins are in our body since birth! (No wonder overweight and obesity are so widespread in today’s youth.)

And what if you don’t have all the “comforts” of expensive health foods, high-tech air & water purifiers, and natural body care products to stop the “flood” of toxins…

Well, you’re practically forcing a constant state of hidden inflammation, toxic blood sugar fluctuations, and rampant liver clogging.

The truth is, living in our modern world is NOT easy.

And these 3 fat triggers are tough to beat. But, there is some good news after all… Here are…

3 Simple Secrets That KILL The Fat Triggers
And Reveal Your Best Body Yet


Trigger-Killing Secret #1: Strategic Carb-Cycling

InvigorateNOW lose weight woman

===> Your #1 goal for rapid weight loss should be to reduce the 3 fat triggers (blood sugar resistance, chronic inflammation, and liver clogging).
Since blood sugar problems are often caused by high carb intake, and inflammation & liver clogging is usually caused by too many toxins & chemicals…eat LESS "fake" foods and "bad" carbs…and eat MORE real food.
But DON’T do this forever. Instead, eat lower-carb (not zero-carb) on non-workout/rest days, and eat moderate/high carb on workout days. A good starting point for low-carb days is 50 grams of carbs per day for women, and 75 grams for men. On moderate/high carb days, eat between .75 – 1 gram of carbs per pound (example: If you weigh 150 lbs, eat 150 grams of carbs).
While you’re doing this, make sure you also focus on reducing toxins & chemicals by eating less processed and refined foods…and instead stick to whole, natural fats and proteins. Make your low-carb days grain-free, and stick to only eating fiber-rich veggies & fruits.
The best part? Some TASTY low carb, fat-burning meals include grass-fed steaks, pasture-raised eggs, fresh bacon, and more…all with fresh veggies sauteed in grass-fed butter! And high-carb days can include rice, potato wedges, corn, and more. Remember…eating well does NOT have to mean eating bland, boring foods.


Trigger-Killing Secret #2: Metabolic “Burst” Workouts

InvigorateNOW burst workouts
===> Since these 3 triggers are also improved a ton with exercise…do some short, simple “burst” workouts. These are NOT complicated or crazy…you should definitely NOT spend hours on the treadmill or elliptical.
The best “burst” style fat-burning workouts last no longer than 20-30 minutes. They are intense & will make your cells MORE sensitive to blood sugar (meaning carbs won’t be so much of a problem).
PLUS: a bit of exercise will make you sweat meaning you clear out a bit of the GUNK clogging up your liver and inflaming your cells.
A good burst protocol includes bodyweight movements like pushups, squats, mountain climbers, planks, burpees, and more — do them in a circuit with 8-10 reps per set, and no rest in between sets. Repeat each circuit 3-5 times.
The best part? If you’re not used to exercise, or if you have bad joints…or heck, if you’re just lazy like me…you can take a brisk walk 20-30 minutes, 3x a week. That’s it! Just get moving a bit, eat well, and use the last piece of the puzzle…


Trigger-Killing Secret #3: 14-Day “Skinny Switch” Supplementation

InvigorateNOW lose weight woman
===> Since it’s not always easy to eat a “perfect” diet 24/7, or to put 100% effort into every single workout, use smart herbal supplements that turn “ON” the secret British Medicine Journal-backed “skinny switch”!
I’ll tell you all about the 14-day skinny switch in a moment. But first let me tell you that you must ONLY use herbs & vitamins that directly influence the skinny switch…and that are clinically PROVEN to reduce the 3 hidden fat triggers…WITHOUT any side effects, dangerous stimulants, or hidden chemicals.
Some of the best ones I’ve used successfully are Curcuma Longa (from the Turmeric root), Green Tea Extract, Milk Thistle, Ginger extract, and more. They will all help you MELT fat without giving up the foods you love.
Now…I’ll warn you that this page might be taken down at any moment, but while I can still disclose this…there’s a dirty little secret behind this shocking 14-day skinny switch
And it’s something the government does NOT want you to know about. Here goes nothing…



Is It True? Scientists in The British Medicine Journal
Figure Out How To Manipulate The 14-Day “Skinny Switch
(Scientifically Known As The “GLP-1″ Factor)


GLP-1 pills


If you’ve ever felt “duped” by a weight loss supplement and didn’t see the results you want, this section holds the answer to all your problems.
Here’s why: The #1 problem with typical weight loss supplements is: They don’t STOP the 3 hidden fat triggers…
And they don’t come close to using Big Pharma’s dirty little fat loss secret….GLP-1 agonists!
That’s right: A few Pharmaceutical companies have discovered a hidden GLP-1 “Skinny Switch” to be the key to rapid fat loss…
GLP-1 stands for Glucagon-Like-Peptide 1 Receptors…and by “agonizing” these receptors, the body’s fat-burning furnace is turned on for good!
This mechanism works by normalizing blood sugar levels…sending carbs to lean muscle instead of fat, and reducing the inflammation that would otherwise cause major hormonal problems (especially with blood sugar, estrogen, and leptin.)
Even more…these GLP-1 agonists cause weight loss by:
1. “Fixing” the brain’s hunger signals to suppress appetite so you can enjoy your favorite foods without binge eating.
2. Regulating the stomach contractions that are TOO FAST in overweight and obese people, so you properly digest food and nourish your body
In clinical HUMAN trials, these studies show how GLP-1 agonists helped obese women lose weight in just 2 weeks!
Big Pharma is a big fan of this mechanism (for good reason), and they have even approved 2 specific drugs that are now on the market.

But…there’s one DEADLY problem…

Big Pharma Attempts To “Chokehold” The GLP-1 Fat Loss Market And Puts TWO Dangerous GLP-1 Drugs Into Mass Production…And Downright REFUSES To Approve The Use of Natural, Cost-Effective “Skinny Switch” Herbs!

The 2 Big Pharma-approved drugs for GLP-1 related fat loss…Exenatide and Liraglutide in some instances have caused…
===> Thyroid Cancer
===> Acute Pancreatitis
===> Hypoglycemia
===> Diarrhea
===> Nausea & Vomiting
===> And much more…
As good as this new GLP-1 discovery is, we definitely do NOT want to deal with the terrible, even deadly side effects of these brand name pharmaceuticals.
Thankfully, there is an alternative…
There’s a 100% all-natural herb that activates the same GLP-1 weight loss action as the Big Pharma drugs…
But WITHOUT the risk of thryoid issues, WITHOUT the pancreatitis, and WITHOUT all the injections, uncomfortable side effects, and major health risks.
And it is MUCH cheaper & easier to use.
Of course modern medicine refuses to acknowledge this simple little herb, let alone approve it for widespread use (it would hurt their pockets too much for Americans to heal their bodies naturally and without paying thousands of dollars a year).

But A Few Research Institutes Have Sacrificed Millions…and Discovered A Breakthrough GLP-1 Herb That In Studies Slashes Insulin Levels By 21%, Drops Triglycerides By 31% & And May Even Burn Belly Fat In 14 Days (Guaranteed)!


Look. We won’t lie to you and say that 100% of the people using GLP-1 agonists will lose weight forever, especially without long-term diet and lifestyle changes.
That’s simply not possible with ANY weight loss solution. And anyone tells you otherwise is LYING, plain and simple.
What we will tell you, though, is that this GLP-switch has some SERIOUS clinical studies backing it. Let me introduce you to 3 such studies…

    In a 2011 Pennsylvania State University study:

    InvigorateNOW Penn State

    • This herbal substance was eaten with a meal, as part of an antioxidant-rich blend. After the meal, blood sugar levels dropped by 21% and triglycerides dropped by 31%.

    • Skulas-Ray AC, Kris-Etherton PM, Teeter DL, Chen CY, Vanden Heuvel JP, West SG. “A high antioxidant spice blend attenuates postprandial blood sugar and triglyceride responses and increases some plasma measures of antioxidant activity in healthy, overweight men.”. The Journal of Nutrition. 2011 Aug;141(8):1451-7. Web. 20 Aug. 2013


    The August 2012 issue of Molecular Nutrition & Food Research revealed:

    InvigorateNOW Journal

    • Just 300 mg/day of this substance significantly decreased fasting blood glucose and blood sugar resistance. It also lowered triglycerides, lipoprotein lipase, and total free fatty acids.

    • Na, L.-X., Li, Y., Pan, H.-Z., Zhou, X.-L., Sun, D.-J., Meng, M., Li, X.-X. and Sun, C.-H. (2013), Curcuminoids exert glucose-lowering effect in type 2 blood sugar by decreasing serum free fatty acids: a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Mol. Nutr. Food Res., 57: 1569–1577. doi: 10.1002/mnfr.201200131


And the best one of all…


To Overweight Men & Women Who Want To Burn Fat In 14 Days, Without Giving Up Carbs…This GLP-1 Switch Is Your New Best Friend!

    A January 2012 issue of the British Medicine Journal revealed:

    InvigorateNOW BMJ

    • GLP-1 agonists helped patients experience greater weight loss, lower cholesterol, and decreased blood pressure, versus patients receiving placebos. Another study revealed that obese women experienced weight loss in just 14 days without watching their diet! Over the duration of this study, over 66% of patients experienced weight loss and slimmer waist measurements.

    • Best part? EVEN after 56 weeks, over 81% of patients maintained their weight loss! (This is UNHEARD of in the industry.)

    • Effects of glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists on weight loss: systematic review and meta-analyses of randomised controlled trials. BMJ 2012;344:d7771; and; Dushay J, Gao C, Gopalakrishnan GS, et al. Short-term exanatide treatment leads to significant weight loss in a subset of obese women without blood sugar. Diabetes Care. 2012 Jan;35(1):4-11. Epub 2011 Oct 31.
    • * This study refers to research on approved GLP-1 drugs, not the natural herbs in InvigorateNOW. It is used as a tool to show the potential power of GLP-1 for weight loss, in combination with a healthy diet & exercise."


The truth is….this GLP-1 secret may be the single most important thing you need to properly BREAK down fats, manage weight, and feel better about your body fast.   The problem is, the GLP-1 drugs used in the study have many dangerous side effects as mentioned before…   Which is why I'm proud to announce that you can FINALLY get the same mechanism in a 100% natural, herbal form!


Revealed: The “Skinny Switch” Is Hiding In This 5000
Year Old Fat Loss Secret
…And Does Even MORE
Than Just Burn Off Your Embarrassing Flab…



Do you know about this ancient South Asian secret?
It’s been around since over 5,000 years for sure (since 3000 B.C.)…
And some stories even suggest it’s been used for 10,000 years in India.
Reaching back to a time when legend says Lord Rama walked the earth.
It later made it’s way over the Pacific Ocean into Hawaii, carried over the harsh seas by Ancient Polynesians.
Then it found fame in the diaries of the explorer Marco Polo, who wrote of it during a 13th century expedition to China.
It further inspired and fascinated pre-Renaissance Europeans. They were amazed upon trying this “new” spice, and hearing of its never-before-seen health properties.
And even today it continues to amaze everyone from busy, working moms…to high-level fitness & nutrition experts…to scientists and medical doctors
And even back to the traditional Indian families whose ancestors have used it for generations.
That’s right. Did you know…
Many of the 1,237,000,000 people in India still use this fat loss & longevity aid!
It’s no wonder that despite having very low average incomes (just $1219 per YEAR)…and despite the majority of the population not having access to the latest medical advances…
They are still some of the slimmest and healthiest people in the world! For example, some scientists believe that...

With This SINGLE Herb, Over 1.2 BILLION People Stay Slim Year-Round And Have 4.4 Times LESS Alzheimer’s Disease Than The Elderly Population In America!


Curcumin Fat Loss

Scientists believe that the ancient and long forgotten Curcumin extract of the Turmeric/Curcuma Longa plant keeps Indian and Japanese folks healthy and protected against many Western diseases.


Here’s where it gets good…before our stock runs out, Turmeric/Curcuma Longa (specifically, the clicnically-backed Curcumin C3 Complex extract) is one of 17 “anti-fat” ingredients in the NEW InvigorateNOW weight loss supplement!
The best part? These ingredients are ALL god-given, from Mother Nature. I didn’t make it!
I know it sounds “out there”, but I truly believe our higher power or the universe or whatever you may call it wants you to be happy and healthy.
This is why I am so excited to share the ingredients in this supplement with you.
I think of the natural ingredients as god’s gift to those of us who are sick, suffering, and unhappy with our bodies.
The ingredients are all perfectly safe. They are made of fresh herb roots and extracts, not drugs. And they are much better for you than any of the dangerous stimulants out there.
This supplement works for most men and women and can be very effective. Just imagine how it could transform your body when you take it daily.

Now, let me show you exactly how it works…

7 Reasons You MUST Use This GLP-1 Herb (And Our 17
Other Controversial, Yet Science-Backed Ingredients) To Get The Weight Loss Results You Deserve!


===> 1. Triggers the GLP-1 “Switch” which is clinically proven to cause weight loss in drug studies
===> 2. Supports healthy leptin levels, and improved leptin uptake
===> 3. Supports healthy inflammation in bodyfat tissue via improvements in TNF-a, Interleukin-6, and more.
===> 4. Supports a cleansed, healthy and toxin-free liver
===> 5. Supports healthy blood sugar & blood sugar levels (by supporting blood sugar production in the pancreas & boosting adiponectin)
===> 6. Improves levels of "bad" LDL cholesterol & triglycerides
===> 7. Activates the fat-burning gene signal PPAR gamma, which may support reduced fatty tissue buildup

The truth is…this new supplement may be the #1 solution to ALL your weight & health problems when used with a simple carb-cycling, reduced-calorie diet plan & some short intense workouts.
PLUS: we’ve made sure that this supplement does MUCH more than just help you lose weight….

Who Else Wants To Burn Fat, Feel Better, AND
Live Longer
With This Tiny Little Pill?


If you’ve been looking for a fat burner that is more than your “run-of-the-mill” weight loss supplement, then look no further.
This NEW supplement includes ingredients such as Curcuma Longa extract, Milk Thistle extract, Ginger, Green Tea, and much more which have life-enhancing benefits like:

1. Promotes high antioxidant levels and protects you from free radical damage
2. Protects and promotes a healthy immune system
3. Helps promote healthy probiotic gut bacteria and maintains a healthy digestive system
4. Supports healthy blood sugar and promotes healthy liver function
5. Supports strong, healthy bones, joints, and muscles
6. Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
7. Helps to cleanse, nourish, and maintain healthy wrinkle-free skin
8. Supports blood flow and circulation, and improves endothelial function for a healthy heart
9. Helps support a healthy stress response (known as an “adaptogen”) so you feel more relaxed & calm
10. Support a healthy female reproductive system
10. Boost BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) which may improve brain function and protect your mind
11. Known as a “holy” anti-inflammatory that may support healthy, flexible joints
12. Supports a healthy mood by boosting serotonin & dopamine levels. One study found that curcumin was as effective as Prozac to improve symptoms of depression.
13. May improve thinning hair especially during the aging process.


Truth is: this is one of the most POWERFUL supplements on the market today…

And I almost forgot the BEST part...  

Now You Can Burn 25.6X More Belly Fat And Lose 130% More Weight Than With Diet and Exercise Alone!

This may be the biggest innovation in the weight loss industry in YEARS.
With the help of our on-staff Doctor of Naturopathic Medicne, we've identified a very special fat-burning extract of the Camellia Sinensis plant (commonly known as the Green Tea plant).  

It is called Epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG for short.  

In one double-blind, placebo-controlled study, Polish physicians gave 379mg of GTE (green tea extract), or a matching placebo, to 46 obese, hypertensive patients. Half were men and half were women, all between 30 and 60 years old.  

Those who received the extract supplement reduced their body mass index (BMI), waist circumference, fasting blood sugar levels, blood sugar resistance, C-reactive protein levels (a direct cause of leptin resistance), total and "bad" LDL cholesterol, trigclycerides, and systolic and diastolc blood pressure.  

The effects were remarkable over the 12-week duration of the trial.  

But to truly understand how incredible this is, let's talk numbers.  

Another double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial was conducted at research clinics in Indiana and Florida. Participants were overweight men & women from 21-65 years old.  

Half of the group received 214mg of EGCG catechins, extracted from Green Tea. The other half did not.  

Those receiving the special EGCG extract blew the socks off the competition.  

==> 25.6X more total belly fat loss
==> 7.7x more subcutaneous fat loss (this is the visible fat under your skin)
==> 6.2x more visceral fat loss (this is the fat clogging in between your vital organs)
==> 130% more total weight loss  

Highly-targeted belly fat loss, in a way that is natural, safe, and well-tolerated.

And remember, these are REAL clinical human studies conducted on men and women, just like you.  

Two things of note are both study participants and placebo users had a very small amount of caffeine (39mg or about the amount in a cup of tea) along with their EGCG serving -- and results were best at 12 weeks (when the trial ended).

So we recommend, you use products with a small amount of caffeine and also use for 3 months or more to experience the full results.

Now, let me tell how you can get this amazing fat-burning GT extract, Curcumin C3 "skinny switch", and so much more in the limited-time web-only release of an amazing new, science-backed supplement…

Introducing InvigorateNOW!TM
The World’s FIRST Full-Spectrum GLP-1 Fat Loss Secret That “Targets” The 3 Hidden Triggers Keeping You Fat!

Stimulant-Free Weight Loss Supplement

===> It’s a newly-improved, science-backed blend of 17 premium waist-slimming herbs, vitamins, and minerals, including the clinically-studied Curcumin C3 extract of the South Asian Turmeric plant.
===> It helps you adapt to and reduce “stress eating”, so you can kill cravings, feel calm and relaxed, and never again feel the need to “raid the cookie jar” at night.
===> It supports balanced blood sugar levels, healthy leptin function, and strengthens the liver, all so you can lose weight more easily WITHOUT the 3 fat triggers sabotaging your results
===> It works with ANY smart meal plan or weight loss program, and does NOT require you to exercise more than 20 minutes, 3x per week (this can be a simple as a brisk walk around town!)

===> It's clinical-strength EGCG ingredient is proven in double-blind, placebo controlled studies to burn off 25.6x MORE belly flab, 130% more weight, shrink your waist, improve cholesterol levels, and more along with diet and exercise.  

===>It sends carbs to lean muscle or burns them for energy via better blood sugar management, instead of storing them as fat.

So, what’s in it exactly? We’ve discussed the 17 herbs & vitamins before, but here’s a peek at the full supplement facts label.

InvigorateNOW Supplement Facts

Fat Loss Herbs



    The Science Behind InvigorateNOW’s
    17 “Anti-Fat” Ingredients


    • Rare U.S. Patented Curcumin C3 Complex (Extract from Curcuma Longa): A double-blind, placebo-controlled study revealed that Curcumin extract lowers fat in the blood by metabolizing free fatty acids, while also supporting healthy blood sugar levels. Curcumin C3 Complex is found in 34 clinical studies and 72 research papers, and also reduces joint discomfort in the knees so you can exercise pain-free and get back to the activities you love.3
    • Green Tea ECGC Extract: Two human, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies show signifcant abodminal fat loss, reductions in total body mass index and weight, improved blood sugar levels, improved cholesterol, triglycerdies, blood pressure, and much more.
    • Ginger Root (Zingiber officianalis): In a groundbreaking 2011 issue of the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, studies found that Ginger, Curcumin, and Piperine combine to increase bile in the liver, speed up fat digestion, and ramp up energy expenditure to prevent fat gain.
    • Milk Thistle (80% Silymarin): The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reports that Milk Thistle extract lowers low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels, through the plant’s antioxidant and free radical scavenging mechanism.11
    • U.S. Patented Bioperine® (Black pepper extract/Piperine): In clinical studies, the Bioperine® extract of black pepper (95% piperine) helped the body to better absorb Curcumin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Beta Carotene, and more. This in line with the 4000 B.C Ayurvedic practice of increasing digestion, nutrient absorption, and longevity using pepper-based formulas.4,15
    • Gentian Root (Gentiana lutea): A Phytomedine Journal study found that this plant extract fixed insufficient bile production and offered significant protection to a poorly-functioning liver.30 When used as part of a healthy diet & exercise regimen, we can expect this to mean increased bile production, leading to easier fat breakdown.
    • N-Acetyl Cysteine: An amazing study in the Journal of Molecular Medicine found that subjects supplementing with N Acetyl Cysteine for just 8 weeks lost 5 percent of their body fat, without making any changes to diet. 7,8
    • Inositol: In a 2007 Italian study, 50% of patients showed significant weight loss and altered leptin levels when using an inositol and folic acid (Vitamin B9) combination9
    • Chromium Picolinnate: In recent clinical studies, Chromium improved blood sugar levels and reduce sugar and fat cravings significantly in study participants.
    • 8 Types of Vitamin B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12): The B Vitamin Complex can help ease stress, reduce anxiety & depression, improve memory, help repair DNA, boost metabolism, reduce heart disease risk and more.16,23

Fat Loss Herbs more


These herbs provide a lot of relief, especially to those who are in great physical or emotional pain from their health problems.

And taken together, they can help stop weight problems.

However, these herbs have to be taken over and over again, sometimes for years, and end up costing hundreds…even thousands of dollars!

For years, doctors and scientists have been looking for a way to give patients these herbs in a way that avoids years of treatment. But there has been a big problem.

You see, these herbs are easily broken down by digestionto the point that they are virtually ineffective!!

This means…


If You Wanted Your Body To Properly Use These 17
Herbs Without Years Of Treatment & Doctor Fees,
You Were Simply Out Of Luck…Until Now!

A small nutraceutical company outside of Manhattan has patented a special process that extracts the “piperine” compound from the black pepper plant. (It’s actually been around for a few years now, but until very recently, no one has put it all together for the masses.)

This “Bioperine®” compound allows for maximum nutrient absorption by protecting each and every herb in the formula and stopping them from being destroyed during digestion. The best part is, this…

NEW “Absorption Maximizer” — Bioperine® — Is Tested
and Validated Under U.S. Patent No. 5,972,382
and Increases Absorption Up to 2000%!


BioPerine® Increases Curcumin Absorption 2000% In Human Volunteers31


The combination of this patented Bioperine® extract (made by Sabinsa Corp.)…included in our 17 doctor-approved herbs for fat loss, is something that most doctors do not know about!

And it is something you can get without spending a fortune on years of buying individual herbs, or tens of hundreds on doctor visits. Even better, it is not a drug or stimulant pill whatsoever.

It will not put any strain on your heart like all the typical fat burners, and it has no side-effects or drug interactions.

All it does is transform your body and help you look your best ever. And it does it fast!

Best part? You can get all of these doctor-approved herbs and more in our NEW 17-herb supplement…all while taking ADVANTAGE of Big Pharma’s Dirty Little GLP-1 Weight Loss Secret…
And it’s all packed into 2 tiny capsules!
Truth is: this is one of the most POWERFUL supplements on the market today…

As seen or featured in…


InvigorateNOW Featured In


Now, you’ve probably heard every other supplement company saying they are the “best”, and that their product will work a miracle for you. You may have heard popular TV doctors or big-box vitamin stores selling you the world…only to fall short when you use it. Look…


With Everyone Out There Promising You A Miracle…
You Have EVERY Right To Be Skeptical!

The truth is…the entire diet & fitness industry is overrun by:

1. Restrictive, fad diets that DON’T work
2. Nutrient-void meal replacements and protein bars (a.k.a. well-marketed candy bars)
3. Questionable “sprinkle-on” weight loss powders (complete with toxic compounds that “accidentally” got mixed in)
4. Heart-killing stimulant pills sold off as “fat-burners”…

The Good News Is, InvigorateNOW’s Ingredients Are Backed By 35 Scientific Studies…And It Is One Of VERY FEW Safe, Honest, and Effective Ways To Break Apart Your Fat Cells…Fast!


Woman Scale

Let me tell you more about the lengths we’ve gone here at InvigorateNOW HQ to make sure you get only the most premium, high-quality weight loss blend on the market.
For starters, we’ve made sure, that InvigorateNOW is:
(1) 100% natural, gluten-free, and vegetarian-friendly
(2) Compatible with ANY diet plan
(3) Has NO hidden ingredients, toxic chemicals, and dangerous fillers.

More: We didn’t even THINK of including an ingredient in the formula if it was not backed by PhD-level research from Ivy League universities, world renowned nutrition & longevity journals, or other credible scientific sources.
And we’re just getting started…

    Are Your Current Supplements Held To
    These Standards

    While Hundreds of Supplement Companies Use Sketchy Foreign Manufacturers
    And Poor (or Nonexistent) Quality Control…Here At InvigorateNOW Headquarters
    Just 20 Miles Outside of New York City, We Use…


    • 1. NO cheap production methods. Our products are held to certified GMP, NSF, NPA, and QAI Gluten-Free regulations. You only get the purest, safest supplement possible…made with the most cutting-edge equipment, procedures, and techniques. PLUS: Our products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art 40,000 square foot fully-certified, routinely inspected, GMP-certifed and FDA registered facility in Long Island, New York)
    • 2. NO contaminated products (EACH of the 12 formulation rooms in our New York manufacturing facility is cleaned for 1 hour…every 4 hours! This means, with InvigorateNOW, you’ll never worry about cross contamination, dangerous side effects, and ingredient shortcomings (research shows nearly 30% percent of certain supplements don’t contain the advertised ingredients in the correct amounts, if at all, and a large percent of supplements are full of toxic metals and insect droppings).
    • 3. NO ingredient “white lies” (you know EXACTLY how much of each ingredient you’re getting. We don’t hide behind vague proprietary blends that most companies use to mask the fact that most “fat burners” are just glorified caffeine pills)
    • 4. NO “basement” or “garage” operations (this one’s a shocker — but many supplement companies are nothing but a guy making supplements in his basement with a bunch of cheap herbal powders from China, a $50 capsule-filling machine, and a complete LACK of quality control. Don’t even take your chances here. Instead of grabbing Joe Schmo’s supplement, you can pick up a supplement like ours — formulated alongside a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine with 20 years of experience, and manufactured with machine-tested raw materials, in a modern, high-tech lab, run by PhD scientists. The choice is yours…)


And on top of that, packed into this amazing combo supplement is everything I discovered after 5+ months of the most intense, frustrating weight loss plateau of my life…and that I still use it to this day to maintain a lean, fit body…while supporting healthy blood sugar & blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation, and strengthening my liver.

But the best part of all is this supplement really WORKS! Let me share with you some of our amazing customer success stories from using the new InvigorateNOW supplement and free e-book/coaching bonuses!

The Truth Is, It Should Be ILLEGAL For So Many People To Lose Weight This Easily, Without ANY Side Effects!*


But can a simple two-a-day formula and a healthy diet and exercise plan really silence the 3 fat triggers and completely transform your body?
It sure can! Just listen to what these happy customers say…



    Amanda Slimmed Down Her Flabby Frame and Says She Is “Finally Back To My Happy Self”!

    • Before…a slowing metabolism, my exhaustion from work & my general lack of knowledge
      of how to be healthy = lbs being packed on & overall lack of enthusiasm.
      Amanda InvigorateNOW
      In just 8 weeks…I had a renewed burst of energy & confidence which helped me achieve a level of happiness I thought I would never have again. I thought…being a working adult meant I would be cranky & lethargic forever but the program completely changed my opinion.
      My body has changed dramatically too. I’ve always felt a little flabby especially around my belly and butt, so I was very happy to drop from 115 lbs to 108 lbs (I actually lost 2 MORE pounds than my goal weight!). It was very nice that the weight came off in the areas that mattered the most!
      Amanda L, 25, Recruiter, New York, NY



    Happy Customers From Day 1...Man and Daughter Claims "These Supplements Are Freaking Amazing"!


    • Today was my first day of taking the Invigorate Now. Please don't think I am crazy but these supplements are freaking amazing, I gave a bottle to my daughter and both of us felt such a calming and mellow mood but yet with amazing energy on the first day! I know the placebo effect and believe me this was not even close. I am hooked, you are a genius my friend. May God Bless you and your family with peace and happiness. Your new friend for life."  

      Chris Szaroleta



    Autumn Loses 14 Pounds in 8 Days* And Feels “Completely
    In Control” Of What She Puts Into Her Body (She Finally
    KILLS The Cravings)


    • My life before this…consisted of me trying to lose weight with very minimal knowledge of what I was doing. I pretty much figured that if I eat in smaller moderations, work out excessively and continue to binge on fatten foods from time to time that I should be okay and I should lose a significant amount of weight. Mentally I thought I knew what I was doing…but the scale and my clothes were actually telling me the truth.
      After this…”I was…completely in control of what I was putting in my body” and “was able to achieve a weight loss of 14 lbs in 8 days. You may wonder “how did she do that?”. Well its quite simple, I just followed through with every aspect of the plan and had faith that I can do it!”
      My life today is more active, more ambitious and I push myself in many more ways than one. This certainly does work for those who are determined to make a difference for themselves. It’s a lifestyle change not just some fad. I’m grateful for the opportunity.”
      Autumn Speller, 25, Jewelry Service, Fresh Meadows, NY

      * Use InvigorateNOW with diet & exercise for optimal results.



    Busy Mom Finally Achieves Goal Weight…Feels Like
    A “Better Mom & Wife”

    InvigorateNOW Susanne

    • I’m finally at my goal weight now & I feel incredible and it’s all because of InvigorateNOW. I feel more energized, I’m happier and I can be a better mom & wife all because of this amazing product. Thanks so much!”

      Susanne, 39, Busy Mom & Marketing Professional, Kansas City, MO



    Miss Galaxy Universe Finalist Says
    InvigorateNOW Does The Work For YOU
    And “Fat Loss Success WILL Follow”

    • We all know that real and lasting fat loss is so much more than just reducing calories. The InvigorateNOW supplement does the work for you…
      Bridget InvigorateNOW
      If healthy eating has not been getting you the results you want, this system will tell you exactly what to do about it. What I love most…is that it’s created by someone who has…done the research on almost every area of fat loss imaginable, so you don’t have to…The supplement will “fix” the 3 main fat triggers (inflammation, blood sugar spikes, and liver clogging), and fat loss success WILL follow.
      Bridget Taylor, Miss Galaxy Universe 2013 Finalist, Scotland, UK



    37-Year Old Teacher & Choreographer
    Safeguards Her Body With InvigorateNOW’s
    Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients!


    • “As I grow older I´m always concerned about supplementing my diet so I can prevent disease and continue to live an active lifestyle.
      After reading an article by Sayan about turmeric and it´s anti-inflammatory properties, I became interested in InvigorateNOW, as a product that may help my body to protect itself against arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer´s disease and detoxify my liver.
      I am very particular about the food I consume and eat mostly organic, and was impressed by the amount and combination of ingredients included in InvigorateNOW. I highly recommend this product.”
      Debbie D., 37, Teacher/Choreographer, Pennsylvania



    Nutrition Coach & Ex-Supplement Industry Employee is “Highly Impressed With The InvigorateNOW Formula”

    James InvigorateNOW

    • Finally someone has put together a fat loss supplement that I can confidently recommend to my clients. As a fat loss expert, nutrition coach and ex-supplement industry employee I can say that I am highly impressed with the InvigorateNOW formula. This product has made my job easier. Fat loss is more than just a calorie counting math problem. There are hormones and other factors at play that need to be addressed for optimal results. InvigorateNOW does just that.
      Plus…The Extreme Fat Loss Formula covers everything you need in a successful healthy lifestyle plan, including guidelines to eating better quality food, what foods to avoid, how to sleep better, complete workout plans, how to reduce inflammation, and so much more. If you are interested in knowing the unadulterated truth about fat loss and longevity you will love this…!
      James Gaida, Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, Creator of 4 Day Fat Loss



    Overweight Woman Loses 16 Pounds in 6 Weeks* and Is A "Happy Camper As Far as Losing Weight"!


    • “No - go right ahead & tell people I lost 16 lbs in the last 6 weeks. It's a true story. You can use my name if you like - no one knows me anyway.

      Yes am not on auto-ship & I'd like to be - I want to lose another 16 lbs at least.

      I'm a happy camper as far as losing weight is concerned!
      Vicki Bland

      * Use InvigorateNOW with diet & exercise for optimal results.


Now, does it look like there’s any difference between the success stories above, and YOU?

They came from all different walks of life…from busy schoolteachers and mothers…to high-level finance professionals…to bikini models…to your Average Joes and Janes…

The only difference is they were willing to put their doubts aside and just give it a shot!

After losing 14 pounds in just 8 days, Autumn Speller simply said…”You just won’t know until you try it.” And she’s right!

Woman Scale

The truth is, you could be steps away from the body of your dreams…so just push away the fears, doubts, and anxieties…and push away the failures of the past…forget the worries of the future…and take this last step to finally get the body you want — and deserve.
If you’re interested in experiencing this InvigorateNOW supplement, the time to act is NOW.
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Even though you won’t pay $99.95 or more for the 17 fat-blasting ingredients in InvigorateNOW, it still would be a STEAL, considering your other options:
** Purchasing all 17 herbs, vitamins and minerals in InvigorateNOW on Amazon ($212 per month + shipping)
** Hiring ME as your personal fat loss coach ($2500 every 8 weeks)
** Trying lap band procedures or surgeries ($5000-$10000+)
** Using delivery meal services or pre-packaged “diet” meals. ($500+ per month)
** Suffering every day trying to “figure it out” all on your own ($$$$ from inevitable doctor fees, plus the emotional toll)
And of course, none of these options have any effect whatsoever on the 3 hidden fat triggers…nor do they come with ANY form money-back guarantee (more on this later)…nor are they available at 50% off today.
You see…
The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for InvigorateNOW is between $129.95 and $149.95. And the retail price that we usually offer this solution is at the low price of just $99.95 per 30-day supply.
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In this 247 page, 83,000+ word book of fat loss & longevity secrets, you’ll discover:

How to tear through fat loss plateaus with 2 unusual hormone “reset” strategies…that let you eat MORE and worry less (plus: how to eat 5500 calories on a Saturday and lose 3 pounds by Monday)
5 weird reasons why 90% of people on a diet fail within the first 90 days (avoid these diet traps and you’ll be laughing all the way to a beach-ready body)
The 10-second trick that can slash your risk of heart disease by 37% (most traditional cultures have done this for centuries, but the pharmaceutical industry would be up in arms if more modern-day Americans knew about it)
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The truth about the “ultra-healthy” Mediterranean diet (the real reason why so many in this “elite” group live over the age of 100, and why it has little to do with their diet)
The great cholesterol myth: see the shocking research that proves saturated fat and cholesterol do NOT cause heart disease
The foolproof immune-enhancing plan that cleanses and purifies your body, while “patching up” holes, gaps, and inefficiencies in your digestive system (and how to do it without wasting $10+ per “meal” on ridiculous juice cleanses)
What a shocking study of 1,000 dentists and their spouses reveals about your diet (this discovery flies in the face of faulty U.S. government recommendations)
Think all that fish oil is good for you? Think again. New research reveals the truth about these “healthy” fats (and how little of them we actually need before Omega 3 toxicity kicks in)
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BONUS #2:($47.00 FREE!) The 6 Weeks To Ripped Fit Body Transformation & Exercise Library

InvigorateNOW 6 week transformation
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* 9 months of done-for-you workout plans with proven fat-burning, lean-muscle building sequences for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.


BONUS #3: ($97.00 FREE!) The “So Easy A Caveman Could Do It” 3-Phase Fat Loss Calculator

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* The revolutionary 3 phase fat loss system is outlined in this calculator, making it one of the simplest, easiest fat loss tools on the planet (I wish I had this when I was getting started!)
* Done-for-you calculator takes less than 60 seconds to get started, yet tells you EXACTLY how much to eat in each phase for maximum fat loss, how much weight you’ll lose each week, and breaks down nutrient intake/”macros” in each meal (and all you have to do is fill out a few simple “click and choose” boxes).
* (Phase 1) The “Rapid Results Kickstart”
* (Phase 2) The “Fat Loss Furnace”
* (Phase 3) “Leangevity”/Maintenance
* (Bonus Phase 4) The “Art of the Binge”


BONUS #4: ($247.00 FREE!) Personal 1-on-1 Breakthrough Physique E-mail Coaching

InvigorateNOW 1 on 1 coaching
– You’ll have 1-on-1 personal coaching with CEO & 76-Pound Transformation ‘Superstar’ Sayan Sarkar for SIX weeks
– You’ll discover EXACTLY how to lose the last 10, 25, or even 40+ pounds, and you’ll get marching orders to follow for the post-coaching period…so you NEVER again fall off track.
– You’ll get personalized responses to any questions you have on fat loss, reaching “elite” health, and anything else to get you closer to your goals. We’ll also speak via my high-priority clients-only email address.
– Previous clients have said: this is like “having a mentor that gently taps you on the shoulder when the going gets tough, and gets you back on track to better, faster results.
Note: Please do not abuse this privilege. Other clients pay $247 per month for this level of access. Try to keep e-mails to no more than 3-5 sentences so as many people as possible can be helped, as fast as possible.


BONUS #5: ($29.95 FREE!) The 14 Day Rapid Results Plan (with meal plans, no-gym workouts, and more)

InvigorateNOW 14 day rapid results plan
* If you need to drop the pounds FAST…in as little as 72 hours, this short guide will show you how.
* Read it in less than 15 minutes…this short Cliff’s Notes version of the 247 pages of material in the Extreme Fat Loss Formula Book of Secrets will kickstart your results in just hours. You’ll learn…
* 6 Steps to Losing Up To 9 Pounds in 2 Weeks (plus: the 6-Point Quick Start Checklist)
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* The “Insane In The Brain” Workout Plan & Done-For-You Meal Plans (plus: the bonus “Fat Blasting Finisher” workout sequence)


BONUS #6: (Priceless!) Unlimited LIFETIME updates to all digital books & Additional FREE Bonuses

InvigorateNOW alt med inflammation
* Lifetime Updates To All E-Books & Tools In This Bonus Package (we usually release new versions 2-3x per year)
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Warning: InvigorateNOW’s 95% Standardized Curcuma Longa Extract Is Specially Harvested By Rural Indian Farmers, ONCE Yearly For Just 48-72 Hours (Following A Long, 7-10 Month Growing Season35). This Makes Our Supplies Extremely Limited, So We Urge You To Order Now While We Are In Stock.


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To a thinner, happier you,

Sayan Sarkar

Sayan Sarkar, Fat Loss Expert & Body Transformation Specialist
CEO & Co-Founder, Invigorate Now, Inc.
Author of The “Extreme Fat Loss Formula”
As seen in: The Huffington Post, Alternative Medicine Magazine, and more


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…All you have to do is STOP the 3 hidden fat triggers with InvigorateNOW and a simple, reduced calorie diet, and watch as you experience the fastest body transformation of your life!
The ingredients and strategies you’ll use are controversial, but backed by science…and they work Whether you’re man or woman…young or old…seasoned gym rat or absolute newbie.
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P.P.S. One of the primary active ingredients in InvigorateNOW is a rare plant extract from the Curcuma Longa root.
As reported by the United Nations Food & Agricultural Organization, production of this plant is impossible without a nearly 10-month growing season under strictly controlled farming specifications. Then comes a labor-intensive curing, drying, and polishing process which must be completed in no more than 48-72 hours. If there is as little as 24 hours of variation in harvest times, an entire 50-75 kg batch of this rare plant extract will spoil and be unsuitable for distribution.35
So, we can only agree to set aside a limited number of bottles for VIP auto-ship customers who take advantage of this offer now. Once supplies run out, we will be forced to turn away new customers unless we get private access to another supplement batch…and if not, then a full 7-10 months from now, which is when the next growing season ends.
So, if you’d like to access the InvigorateNOW supplement & our VIP club pricing, order now before our rare, traditionally-sourced Curcuma Longa extract runs out for another 7+ months.
P.P.S. Don’t forget to read the CLINICAL STUDY RESULTS on the individual ingredients in InvigorateNOW — particularly the ones by Kevin Maki, T. Opala, Somlak Chuengsamarn, MD, and Rataya Luechapudiporn, PHD.
These 35 research-backed studies offer SOLID PROOF that InvigorateNOW is based not on theory, but on REAL science.


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InvigorateNOW Preferred Bottle


Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!


  • Q: How does it work?
    A: InvigorateNOW works in a 4-step process.
    Step 1: Improves Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels
    Step 2: Supports Healhy Inflammation and Leptin Levels
    Step 3: Cleanses Toxins & Chemicals From Your Liver
    Step 4: Releases “Trapped” Fat & Helps You Lose Weight Safely
    Q: How should I take this product for best results?
    A: For best results, take 2 capsules of InvigorateNOW daily with your biggest meal of the day while following a carb-cycling diet (low carbs on rest days, and high carbs on workout days). Make sure your meal contains at least 10 grams of healthy fat. The fat will help the body better absorb and utilize the ingredients.
    Q: How long will one bottle last me?
    A: Each bottle has 60 capsules and is a 30-day supply.
    Q: Is this just another caffeine pill or other stimulant?
    A: No. Many stimulants are harmful to your heart, liver, and brain, and they don’t target the 3 triggers that cause weight problems in the first place (blood sugar resistance, chronic inflammation, and liver clogging). If you want an appetite-suppressant effect, grab a cup of coffee or strong tea. But do NOT waste your money on stimulants that only do half the job.
    Q: Are there any allergy concerns with this product?
    A: InvigorateNOW only uses all-natural, GMP-certified ingredients. It is free of wheat, dairy, gluten, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, and peanuts. It’s also free of ANY artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives. InvigorateNOW also uses veggie-only capsules, so it is 100% friendly to Vegetarians.
    Q: How long does it take to see results?
    A: Most of our customers have seen results within the first 2 weeks (starting after Day 7) when used with the free 14 Day Rapid Results diet that comes free with every order. Some customers have lost as much as 14 pounds in just 8 days, due to a higher starting weight and a dedicated diet & workout plan alongside supplement use.
    Important: This is NOT a magic weight loss pill. There is no such thing, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. You must use this supplement to reduce the 3 triggers alongside a healthy diet & exercise plan to see serious, lasting results.
    After the 1st month, with continued use of the supplement and our 14 Day Rapid results diet & workout plan (or a similar diet & exercise plan), you can expect to safely lose 4-10 pounds per month (1-2.5 lbs per week). People with 30+ pounds to lose usually have even faster results. So we’re 100% clear: this does NOT mean you will have the same results as our current customers (or that you will lose any weight at all if you don’t also diet and exercise). This product helps you lose weight only if you are also putting in the work and following a healthy lifestyle.
    Q: When will I receive the product, and how will it arrive?
    A: You will receive your shipment by USPS First Class or Priority mail in a discreet box or package. Your shipping speed is based on the option you choose on the checkout page. All orders will leave our warehouse 24-48 hours following your purchase. You will receive a USPS-certified tracking number via e-mail so you’ll be able to follow your shipment from our warehouse to your doorstep.
    Q: I usually don’t buy things online. Can I order by telephone?
    A: At the moment we do not offer telephone support. We understand some customers are hesitant to order online, and that’s why we protect your information with 256-bit military grade servers, in addition to Norton Internet Security protection. This level of security is thought to be 5-10x safer than using a credit card at a restaurant or retail store!
    Also, on the final checkout page, you’ll see the URL in the website address bar starts with “https”. The extra S stands for “secure”, and you’ll only see those on Gmail, Facebook, and other very high-profile websites. This means if you purchase InvigorateNOW, you will be backed by the highest level of internet protection currently available.
    Q: Where do you ship?
    A: We currently ship to all 50 states in the U.S. and multiple international locations (see them on our checkout page)
    Q: Is the product safe?
    A: InvigorateNOW™ is formulated with the guidance of a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine with 22+ years of industry experience. Herb/vitamin ingredient amounts are safe for consumption if taken as recommended (2 capsules per day).
    Please Note: You may lose an unsafe amount of weight and/or experience adverse effects if you consume more than 2 servings or four (4) InvigorateNOW™ capsules daily (in a 24-hour period). So: please follow the directions, unless otherwise directed by your physician.
    Q: I’m currently taking prescription medicine for a health condition. Is it safe to take InvigorateNOW™?
    A: You should always consult your primary care physician or health care provider before taking any vitamin or supplement product to make sure there are no contraindications or adverse drug interactions. Please ask your doctor before taking this product if you are on any blood thinners, medication that lowers blood sugar, or medication for high blood pressure.
    Q: What if this supplement doesn’t work for me?
    A: While our customers love InvigorateNOW and have seen spectacular results with it — if you use the product and are not satisfied, just let us know by e-mail at We will send you over a RMA # which must be placed on your return package. Then, simply mail back your bottles to us (even if they’re empty!) and we’ll refund your credit card once we receive and process the package. You’re fully protected to get a full refund within 90 days of your order date. You can also cancel your VIP autoship plan or ask any return questions, at ANY time by simply e-mailing (or calling 1-844-344-5326)


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*Note: The InvigorateNOW Guarantee period lasts 90 days from date of purchase. All refunds are for your full purchase price minus S+H charges. Please request refunds by contacting customerservice (at) invigoratenow (dot) com with your purchase details. We will give you a RMA Number within 24 hours or less, which MUST be written on your return package for proper processing. Refunds will be honored upon receiving bottles in the mail (must be postmarked within 90 days of purchase date). Refund does not include return postage.