I’m back — still alive ;)

I am back in the states now after a whirlwind trip through India. I actually returned last week but have been battling a bad stomach bug and overall fatigue… (This is what happens when you eat super spicy food against everyone’s warning AND travel through 4 cities, 6 flights, multiple motor boats and :gasp: rowboats, and 15 “events”/plans….all in just 12 days.) I’m also just getting over the fact that my group and I almost died :/ We were on a “night safari” through the Sunderban Tiger Reserve (part of the ginormous Sunderman Mangrove Forest near Calcutta, India)… …and the river we were rowing on narrowed into a tiny little stream, out of nowhere. Next thing we know we were slogging through the dense, thick… Read the full article

Shocking UPenn & Stanford study results

Hey, do you have a second? Have something new to share with you. Before I get into it, I just wanted to say… I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the holidays, and are looking forward to an amazing 2015! (I know I did — and that’s why you haven’t heard from me in a bit. I took some relaxing time off to recharge and start prepping some really COOL stuff for you this coming year.) And I wanted to get started with this… You see, I’ve been thinking about you (not like that ;)…and your long-term weight goals. And I was wondering… After you get rid of all the extra flab on your belly, butt, thighs, and arms, and after you burn 10, 25, even 50+… Read the full article

Why Girl Scout cookies are MUCH worse than you thought

Ever had Tagalongs?Those tasty Girl Scout cookies…I was reading an article recently about the Girl Scouts expanding to the internet. Great news for them… But not so great news for my sweet tooth The good thing is I’ve sworn off those cookies for a while now, mostly because of all the toxic sugar hiding in them… But, there’s also another “in-the-know” reason I’ve sworn off them. You see, besides being loaded with sugar… There are some sneaky little fats hiding in Girl Scouts cookies (and 99% of other cookies) that most Americans think are healthy! First…here’s the ingredient list in Tagalongs Girl Scout Cookies: Peanuts, sugar, vegetable oil (partially hydrogenated palm, palm kernel and/or cottonseed oil, soybean and palm oil, hydrogenated palm, soybean and cottonseed… Read the full article

4 “secrets” I told my overweight 67 y.o. mentor today

You know, sometimes I wonder… Why is it SO hard to stick to a new habit? I was discussing this with a mentor of mine today. He used to be a long-distance runner. Now? He’s 67, about 50 lbs overweight, and is trying to get back in shape. He usually starts the week by heading to the gym bright and early Monday morning. There’s a problem of course. (The same problem that might be affecting YOU this very moment) He can’t stick with! No matter what he does. Or how hard he tries. He’ll go to the gym on Monday and have a GREAT workout. Eat a healthy omelette for breakfast. A grilled chicken salad for lunch. Whey protein shake and some fish oil. …and… Read the full article

CLOSING: Cyber Monday Sale

It’s not very often that we chop off over $322 from the retail price of our products…so I wanted to make sure you don’t miss out on this. Here’s the deal. If you have ANY interest in stocking up on quality, science-backed supplements and saving a TON in the process… …then take advantage of up to 62% off in discounts BEFORE midnight tonight. (11:59 PM to be exact) Last thing… I don’t mean to get all dramatic, but I am serious when I say this… I Urge You — Let InvigorateNOW Help YOU Take Control of Your Health — NOW. This is a crossroads moment…and two paths lie before you: 1. You can buy your head in the sand…continue ignoring my warnings and my offers… Read the full article

Thanksgiving Supplement Gifts for YOU

Whoa! What a Thanksgiving. I could not eat another piece of apple pie if you begged me to. (OK. That’s a lie. That apple pie was DELICIOUS.) Anyway, I hope YOU had as amazing a Thanksgiving holiday as I did. And that you enjoyed your day with family, friends, and good ol’ fashioned food Now, besides the great things I have in life, there’s one MORE thing that I cherish from the bottom of my heart. And that’s what I do for a living. I am grateful times a million for having the opportunity to share my love for transforming lives through health, fitness, and positivity. And I’m grateful for sharing this with the world — including you. And that’s why I got to thinking yesterday… Read the full article

7 Steps To Eating Like A Pig on Turkey Day (Without Looking Like One!)

Been a whirlwind of a year, hasn’t it? I can barely believe Thanksgiving is already here. At least for me, it felt like this year has SWOOSH…flown by. Anyway, now that the Holidays are in full swing, I put together some “No B.S” tips to get you through the next month or two… …without putting on weight …without giving up your favorite holiday meals and snacks …without refusing extra food at your in-laws (no matter how well you do or DON’T get along…) …and while eating like a PIG! But why am I telling you to eat like a pig? Well, first, if you’re like me…you might have trouble keeping your cravings under control at this time of the year. And while I’m NOT saying… Read the full article

do NOT buy this anymore

Usually I’ve got some new research or health tips for you…and/or I’ll let you know about a cool product I’ve recently stumbled upon. Today is NOT one of those days. Today is unfortunately a “plea” day. Here’s what I mean… Late last night we finished an inventory count here at InvigorateNOW HQ. The product has been flying off the shelves these past few months, and we knew supplies were running very low. …but we didn’t realize how low. Turns out, we have 24 bottles left. (This is after allocating 2 months of supply for our VIP Autoship Members — since they get first “dibs” at our supplies) Long story short… PLEASE do NOT buy InvigorateNOW anymore — at least for another 4-6 weeks. I’m a dummy with technology so the… Read the full article

Is this 30-day ‘Lean Body Challenge’ for you?

Hey friends! If you’re serious about transforming your body in the next 30 days, you’ll love this exclusive “InvigorateNOW Lean Body Challenge”! Here’s why: this brand new challenge will bring together a small group of like-minded men and women looking to burn as much as 17 pounds in the next 30 days — all by using the brand new InvigorateNOW Weight Loss System. ===> If you’re accepted to the 30-Day Lean Body Challenge, you’ll be given a whopping $616.90 in FREE supplies that you must use for the duration of the challenge. This will include: 1. A 30-day supply of the InvigorateNOW “anti-fat” supplement 2. A Paleo/”clean eating”-style diet 3. Metabolic “burst” workouts (to do 3-4x per week) 4. Daily coaching from yours truly (I’ve… Read the full article

Your #1 Fat Loss Problem

We diet, we exercise, we do all the right things. Except we forget about what I call a “toxic onslaught”. You’ve definitely heard of some of the ones I’m about to share with you, but not all of them… And there’s a 99.9% chance you don’t have them all “handled”. Why does this matter? Well chemicals & toxins easily get “trapped” in your fat cells… They cause deep inflammation in the GI tract which makes you bloated, cramped, sprinting to the toilet, and more. Plus, this inflammation causes leaky gut syndrome. Basically, if you have a “leaky gut”, tiny holes are created in your GI tract. From these holes, a flood of toxins, chemicals and partially digested food seep into your bloodstream. The result? A massive… Read the full article