Your #1 Fat Loss Problem

We diet, we exercise, we do all the right things.   Except we forget about what I call a “toxic onslaught”.   You’ve definitely heard of some of the ones I’m about to share with you, but not all of them…   And there’s a 99.9% chance you don’t have them all “handled”.   Why does this matter?   Well chemicals & toxins easily get “trapped” in your fat cells…   They cause deep inflammation in the GI tract which makes you bloated, cramped, sprinting to the toilet, and more.   Plus, this inflammation causes leaky gut syndrome.   Basically, if you have a “leaky gut”, tiny holes are created in your GI tract.   From these holes, a flood of toxins, chemicals and partially… Read the full article

Destroy THIS fat trigger in 14 days

  I’ll keep this one short & sweet.   Just gonna give you actionable steps to clear the JUNK out of your diet.   To stick to the essentials…   And remove one of the three big “fat triggers” keeping you from the body you want — and deserve.   In as little as 14 days!   Without further ado, here’s…   How to destroy insulin resistance through diet.   Goal–> Spend 2 weeks or more removing all carbs, except non-starchy veggies and low-sugar fruits from your diet.   – Eat protein (generally from naturally raised fish, meat or eggs) at every meal – Eat healthy fats (from your protein and/or coconut oil, olive oil & grass-fed butter – Eat green veggies at every meal… Read the full article

The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice

How true do you think this statement is?   (And before I continue, I’m talking about food! Get your head outta the gutter…)   “The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice”.   Sounds like a crock of you-know-what to me.   I mean, I’m pretty sure I had blackberries last week and they were NOT sweet.   And, I had blueberries yesterday…still NOT sweet.   I mean yeah they’re good for you and taste alright, but sweet? Not so much.   Maybe I’m just buying the ones that aren’t ripe yet…   But I digress.   Let me get to the nitty gritty on…   FRUIT!   And to dig even deeper, the type of sugar in fruit, which is the now-infamous “Fructose”.  … Read the full article

The Sneaky Hormone Making You Fat and Sick

Ever wonder how the nutrients in your food (especially carbs) get to your cells?   And how your body decides whether to turn the nutrients into lean, healthy muscle…or sloppy, ugly fat?   Oh, you haven’t wondered, you say?   Well too bad, you’re gonna find out anyway!   (And if you’re smart about it, you’ll act on this IMMEDIATELY if you want to lose fat).   Let’s jump into it.   The sneaky hormone that partially controls your fat vs. muscle storage is…   Insulin!   It moves/shuttles nutrients (like carbs) (and also protein) into your cells to be stored for energy.   (Note: While protein does ramp up insulin, it also increases “glucagon”, a hormone that basically has the OPPOSITE effect of insulin…. Read the full article

#1 “Deadly” Fat Loss Mistake (How I Broke a 5+ Month Plateau)

  Let me ask you a question…   Do you make this deadly mistake in your fat loss journey?   Following a diet or nutrition plan, without understanding *why* or *how* it works.   Or following a plan, without taking an objective look at it?   ===> How I Broke a 5+ Month Plateau   I see this problem far too often.   I also made this mistake when I was first starting out.   You see, back in Fall of 2010, I read a great blog post by NY Times bestselling author Tim Ferriss (from the “4 Hour” books) that advocated a simple diet plan to follow.   The post was written very well, and got straight to the point, and I ate it… Read the full article

My brutal rejection at the beach

  WARNING: This Story Is A Bit Of A Tearjerker! Proceed With Caution. My Brutal Rejection At The Beach =========================   It was the Summer of 2010 and my family and I were out on a roadtrip down to Myrtle Beach.   Little did I know this fun vacation would turn into one of the most embarrassing weight setbacks of my life.   Let me tell you how it all started.   We started in New York, drove down to the gorgeous Smoky Mountains for a few days, and then made our way over to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.   We were going to stay for 2 days and then drive back up the East Coast to NYC.   It started off great.  … Read the full article

NEVER eat too much of this “healthy” fat

Ever had Tagalongs — those delicious Girl Scout cookies?   They are uhh-mazing!   Had ‘em for the first time today, and I was blown away to say the least.   I mean, cookies covered in peanut butter and layered with chocolate…just makes me wanna buy a whole nother box!   Now, as good as these cookies taste, they’re of course not the best for our weight goals.   But you already knew cookies aren’t “good” for you. And you know they’re loaded with sugar.   What you may not have known is…there are some sneaky little fats hiding in these cookies (and most cookies) that 95% of Americans think are healthy!   Here’s the ingredient list in Tagalongs Girl Scout Cookies:   Peanuts, sugar,… Read the full article

Disturbing things I heard at brunch yesterday

Oh boy…   So it was about 2 o’ clock in the afternoon yesterday and I was with some friends at this lounge called Pranna.   We were there to celebrate my friend’s birthday (she’s turning 26), and figured we might as well “go hard or go home”…   And what better place to do it than Pranna, which is basically a huge NYC lounge/nightclub turned insane “boozy brunch party” in the day time.   Now, the place isn’t exactly known for their brunch food, as opposed to their bass-thumping party vibe…   But nonetheless, I was pretty excited looking over all the delicious entrees on the menu.   And while I was looking over all these delicious entrees…   I overhead a very disturbing… Read the full article

Why “anti-social” fitness works

You hear about them everywhere.   You may even be a devout “believer” in them.   Going 2, 3, 4 even 5x per week.   Beating your body to a bloody pulp.   And (hopefully) coming out leaner, fitter, more defined.   Of course, I’m talking about the workout trend of the decade.   I say “decade” because most of these trends start small, get big quick, and drop off within 7-10 years.   It happened to Aerobics in the 80s.   High-rep bodybuilding in the 90s.   P90x in the 2000s   And Crossfit now (in the 2010s).   Of course, there’s a certain “power” behind all these trends…   It’s their power of persuasion.   Their ability to make you believe you need… Read the full article

How to kill cravings and STOP emotional eating

If you’ve ever struggled to fight sugar, salt, or fat cravings…   And if you ever find yourself “stress eating” like there’s no tomorrow…   These 3 practical AND easy “craving stoppers” will help you finally break the cycle.   Let’s jump right in…   1. Show us those pearly whites – Before you head to the vending machine for “dessert” or take a second helping of dinner, make a quick detour to the bathroom (with brush in hand).   While you’re there, wash your mouth, brush your teeth, and even use some mouthwash.   Both the action of brushing AND the fresh, clean feeling you’ll feel afterwards will instantly kill any food cravings.   I mean, and after all, who wants to ruin their… Read the full article